Can You Use Self Tanners as Concealer?

pexels-photo-366063Self tanners is one of the latest addition to how you can tan. While it’s not common in certain countries, self tanners are a big thing in the caucasian states. If you’re not familiar, self tanner is a lotion that aids you on tanning. This is by far the healthiest approach to tanning. In fact, due to how hazardous sunbathing and indoor tanning has become, many have dissuaded the usage of these methods. It’s been known that UV rays can provoke the occurrence of skin cancer. To be specific, melanoma has been found in one out of five individuals; this is a very aggressive form of skin cancer.

However, let’s get to the topic of whether self tanning is just a good concealer as any make up. To answer that query, it is. Many individuals have said that if you can’t tone it, tan it. Tanning hides a lot of flaws that you have on your body. While it can’t hide the dips and uneven complexion of one’s skin, it can hide scars, freckles and the like. Self tanners have already been used as a means to contour one’s body with ease. If you’re not comfortable with your body and don’t want to get under the knife, working can help but tanning can add an edge to that.

Since you cover your body with a layer of lotion which does cover a lot of things. If you’re hoping to cover a lot of blemishes and flaws, self tanning is a great way to sort that out. if you’re hoping to get to a much healthier approach to tanning or hoping to get a better approach on looking at yourself, self tanning is a great way to help you out.

Concealing your flaws is not limited to make up as you can rely on self tanning to contour and conceal what you don’t want to see.

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