How Tanning Became Fashionable

above-1807461_640Tanning has become quite the fashion statement. Through the years, many individuals have praised tanning as a great way to improve one’s look. It’s one of the most sought after skin complementing techniques across the world.

In fact, tanning wasn’t really a big thing before. Tanning was a result of a medical experiment. Did you know that sunlight has been known to help ease one’s downs? Many doctors sought the use of light therapy to boost one’s mental health. In fact, indoor tanning is a means to help one out during the colder months. Since sun showers are made to replicate the warmth of the sun, they also carry the sun’s UV rays in a similar fashion. Tanned skin turns out to be a common outcome for this experiment.

Another factor to the trend of tanning is how color pops out in television. It wasn’t so long ago wherein television was still black and white. Much of the color is derived by how light or how dark one’s appearance is. As color was slowly introduced to our favorite television sets, tanned skin pops out more than one’s normal pallor. Thus, actors and actresses were encouraged to get a tan so they can stand out more on tv.

Having a tan was also a social status. Back then, we prized fair skin as an asset that only those who are rich and well-off can have. With hardly any sunlight to grace them, the pale skin tone was a sight to behold. However, that concept changed when tanning grew. Getting a tan means you have the time and money to spend to getting a tan. Many individuals wanted to get this foothold in society. However, not everyone had the money to spare thus relied on indoor tanning to achieve such a glow.

Nowadays, having a tan greatly improves one’s body image and appreciation of their looks.

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