Hair Care Tips For Beach Addict

pexels-photo-220418Your hair has to match your look as well thus it’s not surprising that many individuals are keen to have their best look even when they’re heading for the beach. One of the downsides when going to the beach is the fear of damaging your hair. With the sun and the presence of seawater, or chlorine, your hair is bond to go through a lot of harm during your stay by the shore.

To enjoy a good time by the beach with equally beautiful hair, here are some tips to remember before and during the beach trip:

– Don’t overly style your hair prior to the trip. Your body, by extension your hair as well, is subjected to a lot of elements as you travel. This could be the weather, the humidity, and many more. You want to pamper your hair prior to your trip so indulge a bit on some hot oil.

– if you’re to spend a lot of time in the water, make sure to rinse your hair with fresh water right after. Chlorine and salt dry your hair out which then makes it become brittle and untamable. You can also make use of some olive oil or coconut oil to rejuvenate your strands before your take a dip. The oil will act as a barrier for your locks.

– Avoid exposing yourself too much to the sun. We all know how much harm the sun’s intense UV rays does to your skin, this same damage can also be dealt to your hair. Thus, to avoid damaging your hair further, stay in the shade. If there’s no share of shade from where you are staying, make use of a sun hat or a headscarf.

– Choose beach friendly hairstyles such as a loose braid or a bun. This doesn’t stress your hair but make sure to brush when you can.

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