How to Protect Your Skin During Fall Season

pexels-photo-443417Fall is quite a tricky season to fall into, notice the pun? Nonetheless, autumn is quite an adjustment. From hot summer days to chilly autumn mornings, that’s quite a leap for your body. It’s also quite a big adjustment for your skin since you’re bound to change your skin care regimen to accommodate the drastic change in temperature. While there is a lot more to think about, trying to take better care of your skin during autumn is different from summer. Thus said, you’ll want to follow these tips to safeguarding your skin:

–       Moisturize your skin as often as possible. With the winds getting colder and colder, it’s not surprising that your skin will end up drier than usual. Thus, you will need to apply a specific moisturizer that’s advisable for colder temperature.

–       Despite having more overcast skies, it’s still a good idea to apply a fair amount of sunscreen when you head out. Despite the temperature causing you to bunch up, any spot of skin can still be damaged by sun exposure. For this case, it’s a good idea to make use of a sunscreen that is tailored for colder temperature.

–       If you’re hoping to do your exfoliation sessions, make use of oil-based exfoliating scrubs. These kinds of scrubs are an ideal choice since they not only cleanse your skin but also lock in hydration. This is very essential for the cold months as dry skin can lead to a very uncomfortable and unhealthy skin.

–       Change your skin care regimen to incorporate more moisturizing and products that aid in blood circulation. A healthy blood flow helps in keeping your skin youthful and blemish free during these colder days. You can also rely on ginger and vitamin C rich food to help invigorate your blood flow.

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