Benefits Of Using SPF Lotion

sunscreen-1461335_640 (1)With the days getting colder, we tend to avoid putting on some sunscreen. That’s a thought we shouldn’t be supporting. Despite the transition from summer to autumn, the sun’s rays are still as prominent as ever. While we may don more layers of clothing to keep warm while we’re walking around town, it’s still important to put some sunscreen. If you don’t want to make use of sunscreen, spf lotion can still help out.

We don’t exactly know what SPF is and usually just rely on what is advertised for each bottle of SPF lotion. SPF means sun protection factor which is your defense against the sun’s harmful rays. Lotions with SPF help in keeping your skin moisturized as the days get colder while also protecting you from harm.

As the temperature changes from warm to cold, we don’t immediately shift our clothing. Some individuals still want to relish the little warmth provided thus they still wear summer clothes despite the cooler temperature. SPF lotion is ideal for these individuals since lotion is not as heavy as sunscreen. The SPF properties of the lotion also give one’s skin the protection they need to lessen the damage the sun can cause.

Having SPF lotion is the first step however one should commit to applying the lotion each day. Missing out on putting some of the lotion can lead to a dangerous case of heightening your chances of skin cancer while also suffering from dry skin. It’s also important to remember that lotions dry out and it’s best to re-apply them every two to three hours especially during colder days since your skin easily dries out.

For better protection, it’s best to look for lotions with a high SPF and those that offer a wide coverage to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

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