How to Avoid Tan Lines

pexels-photo-421998Tan lines can be the source of an embarrassing experience or ruin a good do. While people may consider tan lines as an eye sore, are they really that bad to look at? There are varied opinions to this question and at times, even the lines can be considered pretty.

However, if you are someone who is keen on avoiding these lines, it’s best to follow these tips:

– Make use of clothing that provides little coverage. Tan lines are the result of how your clothing hides your skin from the sun’s rays. One other option to sort this out would be to make use of tan-through clothing which is slowly taking the market. They may cost a little more than usual clothes but the reassurance of having an even tan after basking under the sun overweighs that price.

– Make use of tanning lotions or self tanners. Face it, we can’t bask under the sun naked, unless we’re in the privacy of our home. Tanning lotions help sort out the lighter color of our skin without having to go through another session of sunbathing or indoor tanning. Although they are more meticulous as a tanning method, using self tanners in small amounts is easy. Simply put some of the tanning lotion on a tanning mitt and gradually pat the color to your skin. Make sure to start at a lighter tone so you can easily get to the right shade. You don’t want to end up with darker marks on your skin because of tanning lotions.

However, if you’re someone who finds tan lines to be beautiful, there’s no need to hide them. Tan lines can have quite a sultry appeal especially when they give others an idea of what you wore or what you did during your summer excursions.

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