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How to Protect Your Skin During Fall Season

pexels-photo-443417Fall is quite a tricky season to fall into, notice the pun? Nonetheless, autumn is quite an adjustment. From hot summer days to chilly autumn mornings, that’s quite a leap for your body. It’s also quite a big adjustment for your skin since you’re bound to change your skin care regimen to accommodate the drastic change in temperature. While there is a lot more to think about, trying to take better care of your skin during autumn is different from summer. Thus said, you’ll want to follow these tips to safeguarding your skin:

–       Moisturize your skin as often as possible. With the winds getting colder and colder, it’s not surprising that your skin will end up drier than usual. Thus, you will need to apply a specific moisturizer that’s advisable for colder temperature.

–       Despite having more overcast skies, it’s still a good idea to apply a fair amount of sunscreen when you head out. Despite the temperature causing you to bunch up, any spot of skin can still be damaged by sun exposure. For this case, it’s a good idea to make use of a sunscreen that is tailored for colder temperature.

–       If you’re hoping to do your exfoliation sessions, make use of oil-based exfoliating scrubs. These kinds of scrubs are an ideal choice since they not only cleanse your skin but also lock in hydration. This is very essential for the cold months as dry skin can lead to a very uncomfortable and unhealthy skin.

–       Change your skin care regimen to incorporate more moisturizing and products that aid in blood circulation. A healthy blood flow helps in keeping your skin youthful and blemish free during these colder days. You can also rely on ginger and vitamin C rich food to help invigorate your blood flow.

Benefits Of Using SPF Lotion

sunscreen-1461335_640 (1)With the days getting colder, we tend to avoid putting on some sunscreen. That’s a thought we shouldn’t be supporting. Despite the transition from summer to autumn, the sun’s rays are still as prominent as ever. While we may don more layers of clothing to keep warm while we’re walking around town, it’s still important to put some sunscreen. If you don’t want to make use of sunscreen, spf lotion can still help out.

We don’t exactly know what SPF is and usually just rely on what is advertised for each bottle of SPF lotion. SPF means sun protection factor which is your defense against the sun’s harmful rays. Lotions with SPF help in keeping your skin moisturized as the days get colder while also protecting you from harm.

As the temperature changes from warm to cold, we don’t immediately shift our clothing. Some individuals still want to relish the little warmth provided thus they still wear summer clothes despite the cooler temperature. SPF lotion is ideal for these individuals since lotion is not as heavy as sunscreen. The SPF properties of the lotion also give one’s skin the protection they need to lessen the damage the sun can cause.

Having SPF lotion is the first step however one should commit to applying the lotion each day. Missing out on putting some of the lotion can lead to a dangerous case of heightening your chances of skin cancer while also suffering from dry skin. It’s also important to remember that lotions dry out and it’s best to re-apply them every two to three hours especially during colder days since your skin easily dries out.

For better protection, it’s best to look for lotions with a high SPF and those that offer a wide coverage to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

How to Avoid Tan Lines

pexels-photo-421998Tan lines can be the source of an embarrassing experience or ruin a good do. While people may consider tan lines as an eye sore, are they really that bad to look at? There are varied opinions to this question and at times, even the lines can be considered pretty.

However, if you are someone who is keen on avoiding these lines, it’s best to follow these tips:

– Make use of clothing that provides little coverage. Tan lines are the result of how your clothing hides your skin from the sun’s rays. One other option to sort this out would be to make use of tan-through clothing which is slowly taking the market. They may cost a little more than usual clothes but the reassurance of having an even tan after basking under the sun overweighs that price.

– Make use of tanning lotions or self tanners. Face it, we can’t bask under the sun naked, unless we’re in the privacy of our home. Tanning lotions help sort out the lighter color of our skin without having to go through another session of sunbathing or indoor tanning. Although they are more meticulous as a tanning method, using self tanners in small amounts is easy. Simply put some of the tanning lotion on a tanning mitt and gradually pat the color to your skin. Make sure to start at a lighter tone so you can easily get to the right shade. You don’t want to end up with darker marks on your skin because of tanning lotions.

However, if you’re someone who finds tan lines to be beautiful, there’s no need to hide them. Tan lines can have quite a sultry appeal especially when they give others an idea of what you wore or what you did during your summer excursions.

Location Tips when Applying Your Self Tanner

woman-499756_640Self tanners  may be the healthiest approach to tanning however they are the trickiest method to deal with. Many beginners to self tanning are easily dissuaded with how meticulous it is to get your self tanning done. Despite that, overcoming that hurdle will make you appreciate your self tanned skin more.

To get a better idea on how to do self tanning right, you’ll need to understand where you can make the most out of your self tanning sessions as well as the best positions to go with it.

For locations, any open space is an ideal set for your self tanning session. It’s best to lay out some old newspapers or scratch papers so any instance of dripping can be easily managed. You can also push back your furniture in the living room to make some space.

If you don’t want to rearrange your furnishing or set some paper on the floor, you can try to do your self tanning in the bathroom. Having tiled floors helps in easily cleaning your messes as well as being able to wash as soon as the self tanner dries out. One downside of this location is the ventilation which can be limited unless you keep the door open. You may want to keep you bathroom rug away if you want to avoid staining it in the process.

Now with the places to self tan sorted out, you’ll want to be keen on the positions of how to apply your self tanner. There’s actually no correct way but there are several methods you can use to get a better tanning experience.

Firstly, you’ll want to start with a small area and gradually work from there. This means that you can start with your arms or your legs. If you’re more comfortable with sitting down, then you can apply some self tanner to your legs first. Ideally, it’s best to work from the bottom to the top.