Protect Skin From Tanning With Sandalwood

pexels-photo-325531Tanning has been quite a rave to a lot of individuals. Unbeknownst to some, tanned skin is actually not a good sign. We all know that soaking a lot of the sun can cause the color of our skin to darken, which is tanning. Unfortunately, after years of study, it’s been found that tanned skin is a result of damaged skin. The discoloration is due to melanoma trying to cope the damage that the sun has dealt on the epidermis.

This may sound like a bad turn of events to tanning addicts but with the rise of skin cancer in our society, that’s a penny for one’s thoughts. With this in mind, many individuals have sought the use of sunscreen to protect their skin from further tanning. Thankfully, sandalwood is one of the natural items you can use to protect your skin from tanning.

While it may be widely used in soaps to unclog pores, sandalwood helps in lightening and rejuvenates skin cells when used as an oil. You may want to add this to your bath to help nourish your skin while also being an anti-bacterial perk.

You can also lather sandalwood oil to your skin prior to heading out since it hydrates from within while also containing high anti-tanning properties. Let it sit for at least thirty minutes before going under the sun.

Sandalwood oil or as a paste can still be used to soothe sunburns as well as adding a healthier glow to your pallor. It’s also a great aid to sorting out prickly skin during the hot season.

Despite that tidbit, it’s still important to stay in the shade as often as possible and to be mindful of the time you head out. Bring an umbrella when you can and use a sunscreen for added protection against tanning and any sunburn.

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