Myths about Sunburn

pexels-photo-319930Skin cancer is no laughing matter. It’s not the top four cancer on the list for nothing thus it’s always best to try to find ways to avoid being in a predicament of inhibiting skin cancer. There’s a lot of here say, there say for this case. Most people know that consistent exposure to the sun can lead to skin cancer, that’s actually a fact. However, does having sunburn give you more chances to getting skin cancer? That’s another matter at hand and to best understand that, here are some myths debunked to give you a better idea of how sunburn, the sun and skin cancer work out.

You’d think that cloudier days are days that are better outside. Unfortunately, that’s a myth. Clouds don’t help block out the sun. In fact, as much as 40% of the sun’s rays can get through clouds and still give you a nasty burn.

Dark skinned individuals aren’t safe from getting sunburn; a myth that most people still believe in. Dark skinned individuals have just as much chances of getting sunburn as those with fair skin. Although, those with a lighter tone may get it faster; having more melanin in your skin doesn’t give you a better defense against the sun. The sun does not distinguish people based on color thus anyone who walks under the sun without any sunscreen is bound to get sunburn.

Putting on sunscreen once is enough to protect you for the entire duration of the trip or the day. That’s actually a lie and this is probably one of the most known myths in the community. Sunscreen works like powder or lotion. Sunscreen diminishes its protection after two or three hours. This means that your protection against the sun’s rays is good only for a few hours. After two or three hours, you’ll need to re-apply the sunscreen.

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