Beach destinations to Get a Tan

Getting a tan can be easily done. Be it from your backyard or through the means of a tanning bed. However, with the days getting warmer and warmer, you’re sure to wind up in a beach for the summer experience. Thus, if you’re hoping to get much of the vitamin D upon a beach, your best bet is to try these locations as they are best suited to your tanning experience:

Dubai is a great place to go to. With this sprawling beaches and the all-time high sun at its peak, you’re sure enjoy much of your day just basking by the shore.

If you’re hoping to get your tan at a nearer place compared to Dubai, Miami is also a great place to find your tanning fix by the beach. You’ll want to get a ticket to South Beach where you’re going to enjoy a tan from playing a good set of volleyball with friends.

santorini-oia-greece-travel-163864If you’re hoping to douse some unique cultures while enjoying the beach, why not get your tanning at Sentosa Island in Singapore? This island has a lot of activities in store but its pristine sands and the long line of beaches give you the top of the world experience to getting your bronze hue with style.

If you’re hoping to get a trip down south, Hawaii has beaches that are a great place to tan. Being a walk away from where you might be staying, you can lounge under the sun while enjoying your taste of Hawaiian culture. If you’re hoping for a specific spot, Wakiki beach is one of the top destinations to enjoy your vacation.

Greece is a must-go for a Mediterranean beach experience. While Santorini has been garnering quite the fandom, Ios still boasts the most beautiful beaches in this country.

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