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The Evolution of Tanning

pexels-photo-26183 (1)Tanning has come a long way. Many have praised it for how well it boosts one’s look as well as being able to hide any imperfections on one’s body. There has been a lot of ways that tanning can be achieved and that’s how the evolution has gone through.

Firstly, we have sunbathing as a manner of tanning. This is no surprise as the earliest manner of tanning is through this means. Back when everything was still simple, sunbathing has been the go-to method of tanning. It’s also because of how straightforward and cost-efficient this method it. It’s also the manner of how tanning was discovered thus we have sunbathing to thank for the humbler beginnings of self tanning.

Second method of tanning is through the means of indoor tanning. Tanning beds and tanning showers have begun to rise as an alternative to sunbathing. Not everyone has the time to commit to lying under the sun for hours on end. Tanning salons give individuals the chance to get their sun-kissed tone without having too much commitment in tanning. Tanned individuals are viewed as athletic and well-off, thus it’s no surprise that a lot of people jumped into the tanning bandwagon.

Self tanners come in last, despite being present during the time that tanning beds have made a staple hold on the tanning industry. It’s been known and proven that soaking up too much UV rays can cause a lot of harm to one’s body. With the recent rise of cancer and the aversion to getting sunburn from tanning beds or sunbathing, individuals have begun to explore tanning through self tanners. It’s only recent that there’s a better traction of self tanners due to the rise of melanoma, an aggressive form of skin cancer, making its name as the top four cancers on the list.

Ways To Enjoy The Beach

pexels-photo-191741 (1)With the days getting warmer and warmer, one can’t help but find themselves by the beach. Be it with family or friends, there are quite a lot of things to do by the shore. If you’re not so sure what to do, here are some suggestions and quirky ideas if you’re up for it:

– Sunbathing. This is one of the most common ways to enjoy the beach. With little to no obstruction in the way, it’s not surprising a lot of individuals lie about and bask as much as they want under the sun. If you’re a tanning enthusiast and currently by the beach, you’ll want to lather some sunscreen and get your share of tan while you’re there.

– Beach volleyball or frisbee. If you’re a group of friends hoping to have some fun, bring a net and a volleyball or even a frisbee can work. These are more rigorous choices but add the fun factor. Why not do an impromptu competition? You’ll even burn off the extra calories from the heavy lunch you had earlier!

– Break a watermelon! While that does sound odd, it’s actually one of the common tradition for Japanese individuals by the beach. The game is you have to blindfold the one who has to break the watermelon. It’s somewhat like a grounded version of a piñata; and instead of candies, you’re treated to some serving of smashed fruit. While it may sound crude, it’s a good way to get a laugh out of anyone.

– Appreciate the marine life. Be it swimming or just watching some creatures waddled during low tide, if you’re a marine enthusiast this is one of the best things to do. Certain beaches boast a grand display of corals and marine life underwater while some sport a good set of rocks where crabs and even starfishes like to hide during the latter part of the day.

Beach destinations to Get a Tan

Getting a tan can be easily done. Be it from your backyard or through the means of a tanning bed. However, with the days getting warmer and warmer, you’re sure to wind up in a beach for the summer experience. Thus, if you’re hoping to get much of the vitamin D upon a beach, your best bet is to try these locations as they are best suited to your tanning experience:

Dubai is a great place to go to. With this sprawling beaches and the all-time high sun at its peak, you’re sure enjoy much of your day just basking by the shore.

If you’re hoping to get your tan at a nearer place compared to Dubai, Miami is also a great place to find your tanning fix by the beach. You’ll want to get a ticket to South Beach where you’re going to enjoy a tan from playing a good set of volleyball with friends.

santorini-oia-greece-travel-163864If you’re hoping to douse some unique cultures while enjoying the beach, why not get your tanning at Sentosa Island in Singapore? This island has a lot of activities in store but its pristine sands and the long line of beaches give you the top of the world experience to getting your bronze hue with style.

If you’re hoping to get a trip down south, Hawaii has beaches that are a great place to tan. Being a walk away from where you might be staying, you can lounge under the sun while enjoying your taste of Hawaiian culture. If you’re hoping for a specific spot, Wakiki beach is one of the top destinations to enjoy your vacation.

Greece is a must-go for a Mediterranean beach experience. While Santorini has been garnering quite the fandom, Ios still boasts the most beautiful beaches in this country.