Food that Promotes Good Skin

pexels-photo-206509Getting good skin is not only through the aid of various beauty products. Sometimes it’s what you eat that does a big factor on your body. When you think of it that way, ’you are what you eat’ is a quote that holds a lot of weight. In our very busy lifestyle, much of what we consume is either junk food or those which aren’t good for our bodies like fast food or meals which are high in sodium.

In order to make yourself look at your best, here are some foods that you might want to eat on a daily basis. You can never go wrong on eating healthy and looking good.

– Fish. While fish is a favorite consumption to those who’re hoping to shed some weight, they also have a lot of good oils for your body. Due to its omega 3 rich content, fish helps in providing good oils without clogging your pores.

– Tomatoes are an ideal fruit; yes they are fruits, to eat during summer. Having a healthy does of tomatoes in your meal (around five tablespoon at least) helps in boosting your skin’s SPF. This means lesser damage done to you by the sun. However, don’t let that be your only line of defense during hot days. It’s still ideal to put some sunscreen for extra protection.

– Dark chocolate is also an ideal skin booster. You’ll want to stick to at most 150 grams a day of this sweet to avoid weight gain. While that’s a low number to consume, dark chocolates still give you a good amount of antioxidants at such a small piece.

– Green tea may not be a food but it’s one of the best super drinks in the world. With it being rich in polyphenols, you’re sure to enjoy suppler skin after continuous consumption of this beverage.

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