Best Way to Exfoliate Dead Skin

Cleansing one’s skin is an important step to a proper skin care regimen. Not only do you get rid of impurities but you also get rid of a lot of dead skin cells that might cause more harm than you think. Exfoliating is important as it gives way to younger, healthier skin which can help you look at your best. While there’s a lot of ways to exfoliate, here are some of the best ways to get your cleansing fix.

bed-sleep-rest-girlBefore staring the entire regimen, you can brush off the layer of dead skin cells while you’re dry. By making use of a loofah, a brush or an exfoliating glove, start with your soles and gradually brush your skin as you go up. Don’t skimp out on using these items as they’re the best tools to exfoliating your skin. While a towel might be of help, there’s nothing like using an actual aid to removing dead skin cells. You’ll want to continue cleansing in the bath and make sure to moisturize your skin after the entire ordeal.

If you’re hoping to make use of natural means to exfoliate, you can make use of sugar. You can mix half a cup of sugar with half a cup of coconut oil. If you don’t have any coconut oil, olive oil is a good alternative for this case. Mix the two ingredients and gently scrub the concoction on your skin with the aid of a cloth. Don’t apply too much pressure and make use of a circular motion during application. Try to limit it to a minute for each area so you don’t overdo the scrubbing which in turn would leave scratched skin. You can also make use of salt instead of sugar for this scenario.

With these two tips, you’re sure to make the most out of cleansing your skin.

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