Benefits of Nude Sunbathing

pexels-photo-197465 (2)Modern medical researchers agree that moderate sun exposure such as sunbathing, offers many advantages. For one, sunbathing offers the benefit of increasing our serotonin levels, which helps enhance our mood and productivity levels. An efficient way you can get the most of your sunbathing experience is doing it in the nude and here’s why doing so is a good idea:

  1. It Heals Conditions 

Dr. Bernarr McFadden, an advocate of nude sunbathing, claims that doing so helps heal conditions. He further states that being aware of the sun’s effects on your body helps you get the most of it.

This means that if the sun’s rays is already creating discomfort, then it’s time to withdraw. An ideal time to sunbathe in the nude is during the early morning and before the sunset when the sun’s no longer that hot.

  1. Boosts Confidence 

Nude sunbathing doesn’t only boost your serotonin levels. It also boosts your confidence. By sunbathing naked, you see your overall self without any form of cover. This will help you embrace your real self and let you feel better about how your body looks. This will let you appreciate both your positive features and physical flaws.

  1. No Tan Lines

Tan lines appear when you’re wearing your bikinis or any form of drapery while sunbathing. By basking in the sun without wearing anything, however, you avoid having tan lines. You should also apply an ample amount of sunblock to protect your skin from too much exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

If you’re looking to try out something new the next time you visit the beach or take a swim in               your private pool, consider sunbathing in the nude. Doing so will ensure you enjoy many benefits.

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