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Food that Promotes Good Skin

pexels-photo-206509Getting good skin is not only through the aid of various beauty products. Sometimes it’s what you eat that does a big factor on your body. When you think of it that way, ’you are what you eat’ is a quote that holds a lot of weight. In our very busy lifestyle, much of what we consume is either junk food or those which aren’t good for our bodies like fast food or meals which are high in sodium.

In order to make yourself look at your best, here are some foods that you might want to eat on a daily basis. You can never go wrong on eating healthy and looking good.

– Fish. While fish is a favorite consumption to those who’re hoping to shed some weight, they also have a lot of good oils for your body. Due to its omega 3 rich content, fish helps in providing good oils without clogging your pores.

– Tomatoes are an ideal fruit; yes they are fruits, to eat during summer. Having a healthy does of tomatoes in your meal (around five tablespoon at least) helps in boosting your skin’s SPF. This means lesser damage done to you by the sun. However, don’t let that be your only line of defense during hot days. It’s still ideal to put some sunscreen for extra protection.

– Dark chocolate is also an ideal skin booster. You’ll want to stick to at most 150 grams a day of this sweet to avoid weight gain. While that’s a low number to consume, dark chocolates still give you a good amount of antioxidants at such a small piece.

– Green tea may not be a food but it’s one of the best super drinks in the world. With it being rich in polyphenols, you’re sure to enjoy suppler skin after continuous consumption of this beverage.

Proper Way of Using a Back Applicator for Self Tanning

pexels-photo-332984Getting the perfect tan can be quite a difficult task. While sunbathing and tanning bed give you an easier approach to hopefully getting an even tan, they’re not the best options to tanning. It is due to the higher risk of getting skin cancer from consistent exposure to the UV rays. Self tanning doesn’t make it any easier, application can be disheartening when you’re a newbie.

However, if you’re hoping to get the overall experience of a self applied tan, hard to reach areas are tough obstacles to overcome. Certain areas such as elbows and knees are good however; your major area of interest is your back. It may be good to have a friend who’s well versed with self tanning to help you out. But what about the times they aren’t there or the instances wherein you’re traveling, asking for a stranger’s help might not be the best idea.

This is where a back applicator comes in. There are a lot of self tanning companies, such as Thermalabs, who offer a back applicator to help you with your tanning needs. While it may seem like an easy item to use, there are some ways to get the most out of your back applicator. Here are some tips to consider:

– Prior to any self tanning procedure. Make sure that you have exfoliated your skin and waxed your body at least two days ahead. In doing so, your body is at its prime thus being the best palette to getting a self tan. Take out your back applicator and apply a good amount of self tanner to the sponge at the end of the item.

– In some cases, you might want to have a mirror nearby so you can inspect your work. While most back applicators are designed to help you gradually build up the color, having a visual of your output gives you the power to control the saturation of your tan. Remember, you dab the sponge onto your skin not rub it.

– Wash the back applicator after each use. You don’t want self tanner residue to build up on your foam. Additionally, change the foam if possible. Once you’ve worn out your form, they’re not well equipped in helping you tan any longer so it’s best to change the sponge.

Most back applicators are travel friendly thus you can easily store one in your travel pack. If you’re hoping to get a good bargain, the Thermalabs Back Applicator come with free sponges so you can use it for at least a year if you consistently redo your tan.

Best Way to Exfoliate Dead Skin

Cleansing one’s skin is an important step to a proper skin care regimen. Not only do you get rid of impurities but you also get rid of a lot of dead skin cells that might cause more harm than you think. Exfoliating is important as it gives way to younger, healthier skin which can help you look at your best. While there’s a lot of ways to exfoliate, here are some of the best ways to get your cleansing fix.

bed-sleep-rest-girlBefore staring the entire regimen, you can brush off the layer of dead skin cells while you’re dry. By making use of a loofah, a brush or an exfoliating glove, start with your soles and gradually brush your skin as you go up. Don’t skimp out on using these items as they’re the best tools to exfoliating your skin. While a towel might be of help, there’s nothing like using an actual aid to removing dead skin cells. You’ll want to continue cleansing in the bath and make sure to moisturize your skin after the entire ordeal.

If you’re hoping to make use of natural means to exfoliate, you can make use of sugar. You can mix half a cup of sugar with half a cup of coconut oil. If you don’t have any coconut oil, olive oil is a good alternative for this case. Mix the two ingredients and gently scrub the concoction on your skin with the aid of a cloth. Don’t apply too much pressure and make use of a circular motion during application. Try to limit it to a minute for each area so you don’t overdo the scrubbing which in turn would leave scratched skin. You can also make use of salt instead of sugar for this scenario.

With these two tips, you’re sure to make the most out of cleansing your skin.

Benefits of Nude Sunbathing

pexels-photo-197465 (2)Modern medical researchers agree that moderate sun exposure such as sunbathing, offers many advantages. For one, sunbathing offers the benefit of increasing our serotonin levels, which helps enhance our mood and productivity levels. An efficient way you can get the most of your sunbathing experience is doing it in the nude and here’s why doing so is a good idea:

  1. It Heals Conditions 

Dr. Bernarr McFadden, an advocate of nude sunbathing, claims that doing so helps heal conditions. He further states that being aware of the sun’s effects on your body helps you get the most of it.

This means that if the sun’s rays is already creating discomfort, then it’s time to withdraw. An ideal time to sunbathe in the nude is during the early morning and before the sunset when the sun’s no longer that hot.

  1. Boosts Confidence 

Nude sunbathing doesn’t only boost your serotonin levels. It also boosts your confidence. By sunbathing naked, you see your overall self without any form of cover. This will help you embrace your real self and let you feel better about how your body looks. This will let you appreciate both your positive features and physical flaws.

  1. No Tan Lines

Tan lines appear when you’re wearing your bikinis or any form of drapery while sunbathing. By basking in the sun without wearing anything, however, you avoid having tan lines. You should also apply an ample amount of sunblock to protect your skin from too much exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

If you’re looking to try out something new the next time you visit the beach or take a swim in               your private pool, consider sunbathing in the nude. Doing so will ensure you enjoy many benefits.