Tanning Problems You Might Encounter

pexels-photo-299863Tanning is a great asset for any individual. Unfortunately, much like any beauty enhancement, it also has its share of mishaps. There’s a lot going on than simply lying and basking a lot of the sun as possible. If you’re too complacent, you might wind up stumbling on these tanning problems.

Firstly, you’ll probably be more familiar with sunbathing. Sunbathing has been a long term practice of getting a tan. Due to how cost-effective it is, it’s not surprising that most tanning addicts want to get their lovely shade of bronze through sunbathing. Unfortunately, sunbathing has a lot of harm if you’re ill-prepared.

Sunbathing entails a high chance of getting sunburn, as well as an uneven tan. Switching sides every time can be quite the hassle and it’s not surprising to have an uneven tan if you’re not accustomed to sunbathing. Additionally, you’ll easily get sunburns if you’re not careful on the amount of sunscreen you’re lathering yourself with. Having sunburn ruins your tan since you’re going to have the layer of bronze skin peeled off in due time. Prolonged exposure under the sun can also tip the scales to getting cancer thus you’ll want to avoid the time where UV rays are at its strongest (10 AM to 2 PM).

Indoor tanning is no different. No one likes to be in a tight, cramped space and lying for at least an hour just to get your tan. Indoor tanning is not ideal for the claustrophobic individuals and can also be quite the cost. One very concerning factor is how indoor tanning can have a more potent effect to your skin since it is more concentrated and there is no barrier between you and the UV rays. You’ll also need a special pair of goggles to protect your eyes from harm.

Self tanners are not immune to this concern. They too have their own share of mishaps that certain individuals get through. It’s especially common for beginners to have their fair share of streaking and uneven tanning. One good way to solve this is to make use of lemon to lighten the dark spots or to dab a little more of the tanner on lighter sections. Additionally, most self tanning individuals might forget they’re still letting the concoction dry on their skin thus might rub themselves on furniture.

Whichever method one uses, there’s bound to be some tanning mishap that they might encounter if they’re not well-versed with it.

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