Why Reapplying Sunscreen Is Very Important?

pexels-photo-247292 (1)Ever since we were a child, we’ve been told that once you’ve put on your share of sunscreen, you’re good to go. In fact, some of us hope to apply some sunscreen to avoid sunburn while we tan ourselves during the hot days of the year.

Unfortunately, we miss out on the fact that we need to re-apply sunscreen more often than we’d hope. First, let’s get to the bottom of how these malpractices stemmed and how to correct them.

Back then, the moment we have suntan or sunscreen lathered on our skin, we’d immediately jump to any nearby body of water. This is actually an incorrect approach to sunscreen; in fact, we still need to wait for the sunscreen to be absorbed by our body before we think of diving into the waves. Sunscreen, much like lotion, is easily removed once in contact with water while it’s still wet on your skin. Despite being dry once you get in the water, the water easily removes the sunscreen in time.

Thus we come to the second reason why we need to re-apply this topical shield, we sweat when it’s hot. Sweat removes sunscreen much like how water does. As we continue to sweat out so does our protection from the sun grow thin. It’s best to pat yourself dry prior to re-application and waiting for it to be adhered to the skin before heading out under the heat.

choise paper writers for hire try this out paperwriterLastly, just like any topical application, sunscreen also runs its course and loses its potency over time. Since the protection for one application of sunscreen is limited, it’s always a good idea to re-apply sunscreen about two to three hours after the first application.

With the environment getting hotter and hotter plus the rise of skin cancer due to the constant exposure to the sun’s radiation, re-applying sunscreen shouldn’t be considered as a second thought.

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