Best Celebrity Fake Tans To Inspire You

If you’re new to the self tanning business, it can be daunting to shift from something so easy to something that’s quite tedious. Tanning has been a much beloved aesthetic enhancer but due to the rise of skin cancer from the copious amounts of UV radiation that tanning individuals put themselves into, self tanning has become a better alternative.

Unlike sunbathing or tanning through a tanning bed, self tanners take practice to get the right tone and feel of it. While that can be the most complicated appeal to self tanning, many celebrities have actually made use of self tanners as opposed to the usual sunbathing or tanning salon approach in getting a tan.

One of the most notable set of people who get their gorgeous contouring from self tanners are the Victoria’s Secret Angels. The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is a much beloved spectacle done annually. It’s no secret that most of the models who parade the lingerie have self tanners applied to aid in making their body look good.

Megan Fox has begun to sport her lovely shade through the means of using a spray tan. Contrary to her old pale pallor, Megan Fox has begun to use self tanners as a healthier approach to getting her signature olive tone.

Jessica Alba admits to apply spray tan which was actually a shocker! This celebrity has been known to have the much loved olive tone already but she does apply self tanners to aid in highlighting her color and giving her body the much contoured look.

zac eZac Efron makes use of spray tan in accentuating his abs. This truly highlights that spray tans aren’t limited to women thus men can also benefit on the contouring powers of a good spray tan.

Even Rob Lowe has his dose of self tanning. While he does love the sun, getting a tan can be quite dangers so he’s leaning more on the safer side by using self tanners.

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