Things To Consider Before Going to Tanning Salon

woman sunbathing in the solariumOne of the few ways to get your tan fix is visiting a tanning salon. This is especially a good trip during the colder months where sunbathing is just out of the question. There’s not much of a difference with sunbathing and tanning in a tanning salon. However, there can be some things you’ll want to keep in mind before you drop by your neighborhood’s tanning salon.

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve exfoliated your skin. Much like sunbathing, if you didn’t scrub away the layer of dead skin cells and impurities, you might have some light spots days after. No one wants to have an uneven tone so it’s best if you try to scrub your body before getting your much beloved shade of brown.

Second, bring clothes that are appropriate to wear during tanning. One good choice would be a simple string bikini. Choose clothing that don’t cover too much skin since you want to make the most out of your tanning.

Get your own tanning goggles. Not all salons provide this nifty tool and that is quite alarming. Tanning goggles protect your eyes from the harmful radiation that can cause damage to it during the tanning session. No one wants to ruin their eyesight simply by tanning so make sure to buy yourself a pair before heading to your tanning salon.

Get yourself your own tanning lotion. Certain salons provide tanning lotions while some others don’t, on some occasion, your tanning salon might not have your chosen tanning lotion. Whichever the case, it’s best to get some tanning lotion for yourself. This not only aids in complementing your tan but also gives your skin a boost after quite the tanning session. For best results, why not pick a moisturizer type of tanning lotion?

Last but not the least, take into consideration your skin tone, your skin type and how tan you want to be. By getting the answers to these questions, you can picture how long you should stay in a tanning bed.

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