Tanning Dangers When You Travel and Fly

pexels-photo-195477When one thinks of travel, it usually involves taking one big pack and riding a plane to get to one place or another. That’s not far off from where this article is heading but you’d be surprised to hear the various dangers that comes at such a height.

When it comes to flying, no one can get enough of the really fluffy look of the clouds or the very scenic view from up high. It’s things like these that most people enjoy peering through their windows during day flights. Unfortunately, you are more susceptible to harm when you’re up in the sky.

Since you’re closer to the earth’s atmosphere, there’s more concentration of UV rays here as well as being more harmful due to the short distance of the rays from the sun. Thus, you might want to think twice about peering through your window when the sun’s high up.

Another misleading thought is how clouds and snow might work to your advantage. Since they’re mostly water, clouds and snow reflect most of the rays back so you’re handed out a more concentrated set of UV radiation. This means a much pinpoint set of damage since a lot of the light is reflected back to you.

In order to work around this, it’s best to apply some sun screen even if you’re inside an aircraft. While the blinds do protect you from UVB radiation, UVA rays pass through and can still do a lot of harm. So if people look at you oddly for lathering some sun screen prior to your trip, pay them no mind as your health is worth more than odd stares.

If you’re hoping to enjoy the view above your seat in the plane, best to make use of some sunglasses that have been proven to block harmful UV rays. You also add some bonus fashion points once you walk out into the runway.

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