How to Conceal Your Tan Lines

pexels-photo-247292One of the greatest banes when it comes to tanning is having tan lines. It’s not surprising that one would have tan lines especially if they’re into sunbathing or tanning through the use of a tanning bed. For these kinds of tanning, you’ll need to be decent since they are usually done within public places. Even your backyard could count as a public place if you share it with someone else. At times, having a tan line can be quite an alluring appeal but on certain cases, it can be quite the eye sore.

One of the easiest ways to hide your unwanted tan line is through your choice of clothing. This does limit you on what you can wear since you’ll be more concerned about hiding the lighter marks over trying to choose clothing that best complements your tan.

No need to berate yourself, there’s another quick solution on concealing your tan lines without having to go through another round of basking under the UV lights. You’ll need some self tanner to do this trick. Despite being a ‘fake tan’, self tanners are a healthier approach to self tanning. Simply apply some self tanner to a tanning mitt and pat the concoction onto your tan line. You’ll want to be careful if it’s your first time and apply little by little; you don’t want your tan lines to be more saturated than your actual tan. Much like how topical products are used, you’ll want to let it sit for at least through the night.

Self tanners do fade from time to time so it’s best to re-apply it when that happens. As tedious as this may sound, it surely beats limiting your choice of clothing to cover your tan lines. If it helps, using a self tanner as a means of tanning will not only eradicate the possibility of getting tan lines but also give you a healthier approach to tanning.

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