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Things To Consider Before Going to Tanning Salon

woman sunbathing in the solariumOne of the few ways to get your tan fix is visiting a tanning salon. This is especially a good trip during the colder months where sunbathing is just out of the question. There’s not much of a difference with sunbathing and tanning in a tanning salon. However, there can be some things you’ll want to keep in mind before you drop by your neighborhood’s tanning salon.

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve exfoliated your skin. Much like sunbathing, if you didn’t scrub away the layer of dead skin cells and impurities, you might have some light spots days after. No one wants to have an uneven tone so it’s best if you try to scrub your body before getting your much beloved shade of brown.

Second, bring clothes that are appropriate to wear during tanning. One good choice would be a simple string bikini. Choose clothing that don’t cover too much skin since you want to make the most out of your tanning.

Get your own tanning goggles. Not all salons provide this nifty tool and that is quite alarming. Tanning goggles protect your eyes from the harmful radiation that can cause damage to it during the tanning session. No one wants to ruin their eyesight simply by tanning so make sure to buy yourself a pair before heading to your tanning salon.

Get yourself your own tanning lotion. Certain salons provide tanning lotions while some others don’t, on some occasion, your tanning salon might not have your chosen tanning lotion. Whichever the case, it’s best to get some tanning lotion for yourself. This not only aids in complementing your tan but also gives your skin a boost after quite the tanning session. For best results, why not pick a moisturizer type of tanning lotion?

Last but not the least, take into consideration your skin tone, your skin type and how tan you want to be. By getting the answers to these questions, you can picture how long you should stay in a tanning bed.

Services You Can Get from a Tanning Salon

pexels-photo-275851Tanning can be daunting especially if you’re used to the usual bathe under the sun until brown method. If you’re not one to sit idly and soak up much of the sun’s rays, you might opt to get your tan through a tanning salon. Ideally, tanning salons offer you the chance to get tan through the means of a tanning bed but they could also offer you a lot more if you’re not always in the tanning mood. To get a better idea, here are some of the services that can be availed from a tanning salon:

  • Most tanning salons offer tanning beds for you to tan. Entitled to these amenities are some accessories that you’ll need during tanning such as the eye protector. On some cases, certain salons also offer spray tanning which is a kind of tanning that doesn’t make use of UV rays to darken the pigmentation of your skin. Another perk to getting a spray tan is contouring how your tan looks.
  • No one wants to be hampered by hairy limbs so waxing is a service that most tanning salons offer. Having excess body hair can lead to an uneven tanning due to the hair follicles getting in the way on the distributing of the UV rays or the self tanner.
  • Hairstyling and Makeup. Much like any usual salon, most tanning salons also offer the usual hair and makeup options. It’s actually quite a deal. Once you’re done beautifying yourself with a tan, you can easily prep yourself for whatever trip you’re going by opting for a hair and makeup in the same salon you got your tan in.

Not all tanning salons could have all these services thus it’s always best to check the tanning salon you’re going to try out to make the most of out what they cater. In most cases, they might also have packages that you can enjoy!

Tanning Dangers When You Travel and Fly

pexels-photo-195477When one thinks of travel, it usually involves taking one big pack and riding a plane to get to one place or another. That’s not far off from where this article is heading but you’d be surprised to hear the various dangers that comes at such a height.

When it comes to flying, no one can get enough of the really fluffy look of the clouds or the very scenic view from up high. It’s things like these that most people enjoy peering through their windows during day flights. Unfortunately, you are more susceptible to harm when you’re up in the sky.

Since you’re closer to the earth’s atmosphere, there’s more concentration of UV rays here as well as being more harmful due to the short distance of the rays from the sun. Thus, you might want to think twice about peering through your window when the sun’s high up.

Another misleading thought is how clouds and snow might work to your advantage. Since they’re mostly water, clouds and snow reflect most of the rays back so you’re handed out a more concentrated set of UV radiation. This means a much pinpoint set of damage since a lot of the light is reflected back to you.

In order to work around this, it’s best to apply some sun screen even if you’re inside an aircraft. While the blinds do protect you from UVB radiation, UVA rays pass through and can still do a lot of harm. So if people look at you oddly for lathering some sun screen prior to your trip, pay them no mind as your health is worth more than odd stares.

If you’re hoping to enjoy the view above your seat in the plane, best to make use of some sunglasses that have been proven to block harmful UV rays. You also add some bonus fashion points once you walk out into the runway.

How to Conceal Your Tan Lines

pexels-photo-247292One of the greatest banes when it comes to tanning is having tan lines. It’s not surprising that one would have tan lines especially if they’re into sunbathing or tanning through the use of a tanning bed. For these kinds of tanning, you’ll need to be decent since they are usually done within public places. Even your backyard could count as a public place if you share it with someone else. At times, having a tan line can be quite an alluring appeal but on certain cases, it can be quite the eye sore.

One of the easiest ways to hide your unwanted tan line is through your choice of clothing. This does limit you on what you can wear since you’ll be more concerned about hiding the lighter marks over trying to choose clothing that best complements your tan.

No need to berate yourself, there’s another quick solution on concealing your tan lines without having to go through another round of basking under the UV lights. You’ll need some self tanner to do this trick. Despite being a ‘fake tan’, self tanners are a healthier approach to self tanning. Simply apply some self tanner to a tanning mitt and pat the concoction onto your tan line. You’ll want to be careful if it’s your first time and apply little by little; you don’t want your tan lines to be more saturated than your actual tan. Much like how topical products are used, you’ll want to let it sit for at least through the night.

Self tanners do fade from time to time so it’s best to re-apply it when that happens. As tedious as this may sound, it surely beats limiting your choice of clothing to cover your tan lines. If it helps, using a self tanner as a means of tanning will not only eradicate the possibility of getting tan lines but also give you a healthier approach to tanning.