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Hair Colors Suited for Self Tanned Skin

pexels-photo-218966When it comes to looking your best, even your hair has to be treated to match how you look. Now, having a tan can sometimes be a hurdle on what hair colors would look best with your current complexion. At times, most individuals tend to look gaudy with bright hair colors that definitely clash with the shade of their tan.

Tanning has become quite an approach to uplifting one’s self especially when you have a lot of flaws on your body. On most cases, many individuals who want a tan don’t touch their hair and are more than content to keep the color as it is. If you’re the type of individual who wants to make the best out of their look especially with your tan, it can be tricky on getting the right color without clashing it with your skin complexion.

All in all, your hair color is dependent on the tone of your tan. Yes, despite your skin color being darker than it is, there’s always an underlying tone to one’s skin.

If your tan is the cool tan wherein the saturation of the brown is not leaning towards orange, your hair color should be dark browns such as coffee or black. These colors work well with your skin giving it a much vibrant flair that will aid in complimenting your looks. If you’ve been hoping to go out of these usual colors, how about burgundy or a dark shade of red for a much sultry look?

For those of a warmer tan, your hair is best with chocolate brown or espresso brown. If you got a light tan, a fake blond can also work well on you. However if you’re in for a much richer shade of black, it also works well with a warm skin tone.

New Year Routine for a More Beautiful Skin

woman-portrait-girl-color-90754With the holidays over and a new year to look forward to, the cold days are still at its peak. With the climate being quite the adversary for our skin, it can be quite difficult to sort any breakouts. To top it all, holiday season brings about a lot of stress that no amount of simple exfoliating can take out.

As the year comes to a close and the very busy schedule of buying gifts, attending to parties and sorting yourself out in the wintry months near an end; it’s a good time to give yourself the much needed pampering to get a great look for the new year. To best remedy your skin ailments, you can follow these tips to be able to look your best for New Year:

– Set aside some time to exfoliate. Exfoliation is always a vital key to skin care. Exfoliation gets rid of dirt, dead skin cells and other gunk that have adhered to your dermis. By removing these impurities, you’ll give way to youthful skin. One important note is to limit exfoliation to once or twice a week. If you’re hoping to do it twice, make sure to give it a few days before each session. If you want an organic approach, you can make use of oatmeal or a little bit of sugar to exfoliate your face.

– Water is your best friend. While it can be really a struggle to drink water after a season of drinking this and that, you’ll be glad to know that drinking water helps your skin a lot. The holidays have a lot of bad food and drinks to cater to us which cause a lot of damage to our skin. Processed food is a big factor due to the high sodium content decreasing the water in our body. It’s best to flush them all out with water and also keeps your skin hydrated while it’s quite cold outside.

– Moisturizers are your best friends. Due to the consistent late nights, possible partying and even the cold weather, it’s going to do a lot of damage to one’s skin. Moisturizers not only give your skin the much needed hydration during the cold days. It would also be best to make use of natural ingredients such as cucumbers or even honey to avoid possible irritation to chemicals since your skin needs to heal after the hectic time.

– Make use of vitamin rich products or ingredients to pamper your skin. If you’ve got some free time why not make a vitamin c rich cream to soothe the dark circles out of your eyes.