Tanning Safety for Pregnant Women

pexels-photo-218879When you are pregnant, it seems you lose all your confidence because of the physical changes in your body so you feel nasty. With all the lost shape, breakouts and acne, getting fat and all the like, you feel unattractive and tanning your skin is the only source of your confidence. But is it safe to tan during pregnancy? This is the most common question of pregnant women who are always engaged in tanning. Well, clear your doubts and know if your method of tanning is risky to you and your baby.

  • Sun tanning

Whether you are pregnant or not, exposure to UV rays of the sun is dangerous to the tanner. During pregnancy, your skin is prone to burning and melasma. Melasma or the so-called mask of pregnancy are dark or blotchy discoloration of the skin that appear on the cheeks or forehead. It can also cause heat rashes and breakouts. Too much heat can also cause dizziness, thus you are not allowed to expose to too much heat.

  • Tanning beds

Although there are no proven scientific evidence yet that lying on tanning beds during pregnancy can harm your baby inside, but you as mom maybe put to risk. Same as through with sun tanning, tanning beds also emits radiation which can cause melanoma or skin cancer. Melanoma is the only type of cancer that can harm your unborn baby by penetrating into your placenta. Tanning beds are hot and staying inside it with a higher temperature can cause spinal malformation on your baby. Another discomfort you may feel is when you lay your back on tanning bed without using a pillow. Lying straight on hard flat glass for an extended period may cause impairment on your blood circulation and can cause dizziness.

  • Spray tanning

Spray tan is not also recommended when you are pregnant because you may inhale the chemicals used on the spray and may affect your breathing and your baby too.

  • Using Self Tanning Products

If you can’t resist to get a glow while you are pregnant, using self tanner products such as tanning lotions, cream, gel, towels, mousse, etc. is considered to be the safest. This is because these external products will only stay on the first layer of your skin and it won’t go beyond it or it won’t reach your baby. But to be 100% sure, before you use a self tanning product, consult your physician first if you don’t have any allergic reaction.

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