Travel Tips for Sunbathing Addict

pexels-photo-191741Sunbathe addicts are probably addict to where the sun is drown all year round. They never stop scouting for sunbathing spots especially beautiful beaches all over the world just to feed their hobby of sunbathing. They will go for a travel anywhere in the world just to meet Mr. Sun to kiss their skin and make it glow. Before you grab your robe and sunscreen, check out these travel tips for sunbath lovers who would go for an escapade around the world.

  • Plan your trip

Before you fly to reach your most sought-after sunbathing spot, plan your trip first. Aside from your travel budget, one of the most important things you need to check are your travel documents, especially your passport and visa if the country you are bound to requires visa. Check and make a reservation in advance to the hotel or resort where you plan to stay especially during peak seasons to make sure you will have an accommodation.

  • Make a budget plan for your expenses

Every single detail of your expenses from your ticket, terminal tax and other taxes, accommodation expenses including foods and lodging, travel expenses around the destination like renting a car, shopping, and other possible expenses should be sorted out. Make sure you allocate enough budget for every little thing you are going to spend. Make your budget flexible enough or bring extra cash or credit card for unavoidable expenses.

  • Research about your trip

Before any disappointments occur upon reaching your destination, do some research about your itinerary like how long will your trip take, how accommodating is the place, and other possible hindrances that may prevent you from reaching the place. Check the web or ask your friends or relatives who had been there for some info about your destination. If you have extra budget, you may hire a travel agent to guide you to the best sunbathing spot in that place. Check out also the currency you are going to use and the currency conversion, as well as your credit card if it is accepted in that place.

  • Pack your health and hygiene things

Don’t you ever forget your health and hygiene things and have a list of things that you need especially your medicine. Take with you extra medicine for headache, stomachache or diarrhea, dizziness and other unnecessary feelings you may encounter during your travel and during your stay there. Don’t let sickness spoil fun and enjoyment in your trip. And of course, don’t forget your sunscreen and sunbathing wardrobe!

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