How to Prevent Pimples During Fall Season

pimplesAs the season breaks out from summer to fall, it’s breakout time for the skin too. Fall is said to be the most common breakout time of the year. This is because during fall, the skin tends to become dry and dehydrated because of the change of weather—the humidity decreases and the breeze becomes cooler. Dryness causes buildup of dead skin cells. When these dead skin cells mix up with the oil that your skin produces, together with dirt and bacteria, they block the pores resulting to acne.

The following are some skincare tips that will help you prevent from having acne during fall.

  • Clean your pores regularly. The culprits in having acne are dirt, bacteria, oil and dead skin cells clogged in your pores. The main preventive action you can do is to clean your pores from these skin blockers. Wash your face with soap that fits your skin type twice a day, once in the morning and before retiring to bed. Sometimes soap is not just enough to remove dirt from your skin. Deep-seated dirt must be removed using a skin cleanser that is appropriate to your skin type. Exfoliate to remove dry skin cells. Dry skin cells cannot be removed through barely washing. You must use exfoliant like facial scrub which contains beads or small grains that removes dead skin.
  • Eat fruits and veggies and drink plenty of water. Help your skin combat skin dryness. To do this, eat fruits and vegetables rich in retinol. Retinol is essential to have a healthy skin and this is also the main ingredient in many skincare products. Try drinking hot lemon water every morning about 30 minutes before breakfast to detoxify your body from toxins, rehydrate your skin and boost vitamin C in your body. Remember also to drink eight glasses of water to keep your skin moisturized.
  • Be aware on what you dip on your skin. Beware that a mannerism of touching your face from time to time brings dirt to your skin. Remember that as you work the whole day, you touch so many things and your hand is the best carrier of germs. To keep your hands clean, wash frequently or use hand sanitizer. Same as through with your handkerchief and pillowcase, do not place them anywhere. Cloths are great absorber of dust and then without any consciousness you dip it in your skin. Change your pillowcase and hanky as frequent as possible.

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