How to Avoid Pimples When Sunbathing

acne-1606765_1280Getting a tan is one of the best ways to compliment yourself. Tans hide your flaws and help give you that wonderful coverage that evens out your skin. It’s no surprised that many individuals bask under the sun during summer time trying to achieve their desire shade of bronze.

While sunbathing is the less stressful and most practical approach to tanning, one particular hurdle that some individuals encounter is the breakout of acne. No one really wants to be sporting some acne after a session of soaking under the sun and it can also cause potential scars, leaving the skin uneven and unsightly at the worst. Contrary to popular belief, despite the usage of UV rays to treat acne, the sun’s UV rays actually make it worse. So if you’re sporting some red bumps, you’d best avoid the heat as much as possible.

If you’re one of the individuals who gets pimples after sunbathing, you may want to remember these tips for your next basking under the sun or an alternative for extra measure:

– Make use of a self tan with a good SPF that also concocted to deal with acne prone skin. Protecting your skin from further UV rays damage will help in abating the flare of acne after your sunbathing sessions.

– Try to set specific intervals for sunbathing. While this can slow the process down, cooling your skin can help in lessening the damage as well as give your skin a window to rest from the sun’s rays.

– If the breakouts get worse every time, you might want to switch to a different method of tanning. Self tanners do not rely on UV rays thus you can not only have an acne-less tanning but also a healthier approach to getting a tan.

Certain individuals are allergic to the sun and this might also be one of the reasons why some people get acne breakouts after sunbathing.

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