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Travel Tips for Sunbathing Addict

pexels-photo-191741Sunbathe addicts are probably addict to where the sun is drown all year round. They never stop scouting for sunbathing spots especially beautiful beaches all over the world just to feed their hobby of sunbathing. They will go for a travel anywhere in the world just to meet Mr. Sun to kiss their skin and make it glow. Before you grab your robe and sunscreen, check out these travel tips for sunbath lovers who would go for an escapade around the world.

  • Plan your trip

Before you fly to reach your most sought-after sunbathing spot, plan your trip first. Aside from your travel budget, one of the most important things you need to check are your travel documents, especially your passport and visa if the country you are bound to requires visa. Check and make a reservation in advance to the hotel or resort where you plan to stay especially during peak seasons to make sure you will have an accommodation.

  • Make a budget plan for your expenses

Every single detail of your expenses from your ticket, terminal tax and other taxes, accommodation expenses including foods and lodging, travel expenses around the destination like renting a car, shopping, and other possible expenses should be sorted out. Make sure you allocate enough budget for every little thing you are going to spend. Make your budget flexible enough or bring extra cash or credit card for unavoidable expenses.

  • Research about your trip

Before any disappointments occur upon reaching your destination, do some research about your itinerary like how long will your trip take, how accommodating is the place, and other possible hindrances that may prevent you from reaching the place. Check the web or ask your friends or relatives who had been there for some info about your destination. If you have extra budget, you may hire a travel agent to guide you to the best sunbathing spot in that place. Check out also the currency you are going to use and the currency conversion, as well as your credit card if it is accepted in that place.

  • Pack your health and hygiene things

Don’t you ever forget your health and hygiene things and have a list of things that you need especially your medicine. Take with you extra medicine for headache, stomachache or diarrhea, dizziness and other unnecessary feelings you may encounter during your travel and during your stay there. Don’t let sickness spoil fun and enjoyment in your trip. And of course, don’t forget your sunscreen and sunbathing wardrobe!

How to Prevent Pimples During Fall Season

pimplesAs the season breaks out from summer to fall, it’s breakout time for the skin too. Fall is said to be the most common breakout time of the year. This is because during fall, the skin tends to become dry and dehydrated because of the change of weather—the humidity decreases and the breeze becomes cooler. Dryness causes buildup of dead skin cells. When these dead skin cells mix up with the oil that your skin produces, together with dirt and bacteria, they block the pores resulting to acne.

The following are some skincare tips that will help you prevent from having acne during fall.

  • Clean your pores regularly. The culprits in having acne are dirt, bacteria, oil and dead skin cells clogged in your pores. The main preventive action you can do is to clean your pores from these skin blockers. Wash your face with soap that fits your skin type twice a day, once in the morning and before retiring to bed. Sometimes soap is not just enough to remove dirt from your skin. Deep-seated dirt must be removed using a skin cleanser that is appropriate to your skin type. Exfoliate to remove dry skin cells. Dry skin cells cannot be removed through barely washing. You must use exfoliant like facial scrub which contains beads or small grains that removes dead skin.
  • Eat fruits and veggies and drink plenty of water. Help your skin combat skin dryness. To do this, eat fruits and vegetables rich in retinol. Retinol is essential to have a healthy skin and this is also the main ingredient in many skincare products. Try drinking hot lemon water every morning about 30 minutes before breakfast to detoxify your body from toxins, rehydrate your skin and boost vitamin C in your body. Remember also to drink eight glasses of water to keep your skin moisturized.
  • Be aware on what you dip on your skin. Beware that a mannerism of touching your face from time to time brings dirt to your skin. Remember that as you work the whole day, you touch so many things and your hand is the best carrier of germs. To keep your hands clean, wash frequently or use hand sanitizer. Same as through with your handkerchief and pillowcase, do not place them anywhere. Cloths are great absorber of dust and then without any consciousness you dip it in your skin. Change your pillowcase and hanky as frequent as possible.

How to Avoid Pimples When Sunbathing

acne-1606765_1280Getting a tan is one of the best ways to compliment yourself. Tans hide your flaws and help give you that wonderful coverage that evens out your skin. It’s no surprised that many individuals bask under the sun during summer time trying to achieve their desire shade of bronze.

While sunbathing is the less stressful and most practical approach to tanning, one particular hurdle that some individuals encounter is the breakout of acne. No one really wants to be sporting some acne after a session of soaking under the sun and it can also cause potential scars, leaving the skin uneven and unsightly at the worst. Contrary to popular belief, despite the usage of UV rays to treat acne, the sun’s UV rays actually make it worse. So if you’re sporting some red bumps, you’d best avoid the heat as much as possible.

If you’re one of the individuals who gets pimples after sunbathing, you may want to remember these tips for your next basking under the sun or an alternative for extra measure:

– Make use of a self tan with a good SPF that also concocted to deal with acne prone skin. Protecting your skin from further UV rays damage will help in abating the flare of acne after your sunbathing sessions.

– Try to set specific intervals for sunbathing. While this can slow the process down, cooling your skin can help in lessening the damage as well as give your skin a window to rest from the sun’s rays.

– If the breakouts get worse every time, you might want to switch to a different method of tanning. Self tanners do not rely on UV rays thus you can not only have an acne-less tanning but also a healthier approach to getting a tan.

Certain individuals are allergic to the sun and this might also be one of the reasons why some people get acne breakouts after sunbathing.