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Failed Tanning and Premature Aging

With the definition of beauty constantly changing from one decade to another, one constant in our society is how much tanning can give you a boost on your appearance. There’s a saying, ‘If you can’t tone it, tan it’. With this thought in mind, it’s not surprising to find that individuals who do find flaws with themselves turn to tanning as a form of correcting the mistakes without having to go under the knife.

pexels-photo-59497While tanning is an easy approach to looking your best, it’s unfortunately not the healthiest. If you’re the individual whose been diligently doing their share of tanning, you might be experiencing what we call a tan addiction. Similar to how narcotic or smoking can be, tanning addiction is an effect that an individual experiences due to the constant exposure to their tanning methods.

In some cases, certain individuals found tanning as a therapeutic approach to getting the warm feeling during the cold seasons, especially winter. Since you’re exposed to the UV rays if you’re at a tanning salon, you get that certain feeling of being in the sun.

If you’re not too careful or expose yourself too much, you’re going to abuse your skin a lot. Sunbathing or tanning through a tanning bed cause a lot of chemical changes to your body. Firstly, your pores become bigger and you’re more prone to wrinkling. This causes individuals to look much older than what their age is.

Therapeutic or not, being exposed to copious amounts of UV rays is harmful. In fact, it’s been one of the leading causes of skin cancer. If that’s not alarming enough, a lot of individuals experience excruciating sunburns and a lot of skin conditions due to failed tanning. If you’re eager to get tan without jeopardizing yourself, self tanners are an efficient approach. However, if you’re hoping to get the warm feeling during the cold months, a session of hot yoga should do the trick.