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Self Tanning Tips for Travel Junkies

One of the biggest hurdles to enjoying a good tan could be traveling. If you’re one that matches this article’s title, it may be quite a luxury to sit down and enjoy the bronze tone. If you’ve been dying to get the particular tone but have no time to bask much of the sun or to visit your local sunbathing salon, have no fear.

beach-455752_1280Self tanners are the answer to this little hurdle. While they are easily stored in your bags, self tanners can be tedious upon application. If you’re new to the whole self tanning approach, no need to be worried. These tips are directed to new or constant users of self tanning products.

Make sure your body is ready.

By ready, it means you’ve had your share of exfoliation and shaving. Exfoliation is an important trip prior self tanning since it evens out your skin. Over time, dead skin cells and dirt clump to our body and tanning over these impurities can cause an uneven complexion.

Shaving is ideal since you don’t want to have your hair follicles to be dyed brown. Additionally, this also lessens the chances of streaking since there are no hair follicles for the bronzer to adhere to.

The Ideal Self Tanner on the Go

Now that you’ve got your body ready for self tanning, you’ll need to make sure that your self tanner works best for you. It’s important to test out if your skin is compatible with the bronzing agent of choice- we don’t want to have any allergic reactions. If you’re a little unsure, you might want to try out some organic self tanners from Thermalabs.

Now that you’re sure on what brand you’re getting, let’s try to see the various kinds of self tanning approaches. There are various methods of self tanning. One of the most conventional methods is the simple lotion-like bronzing agent which you apply with the aid of a tanning mitt. Another method would be towelettes which are like tissues that you rub down your body.

With your self tan, there’s a lot to do as it adheres to your skin. An important note to keep is to wear breathable and dark colored clothes to avoid staining your clothing. You also might want to do the self tanning at night so the tan sets in much easier.

With these steps, traveling around while still enjoying a tan is no longer a big hurdle.

How To Airbrush T Shirts

We’ve come across various methods of shirt designs, be it from quotes to parodies of famous shows. These designs have been crafted in numerous ways, be it from silk screen printing or an iron-on sticker. An uncommon method of creating a shirt design is airbrushing.

girl-918417_1280Indeed, airbrushing t-shirts is a known manner of designing one’s clothes. It’s uncommon due to the concept of each being as unique as the other. Most of these shirts are handcrafted thus it’s not common to see two copies of the same design except if it’s requested by a client.

If you’re interested to embark on designing t-shirts with the aid of an airbrush, there are a few things that you’ll have to keep in mind.

– It’s best to have your own complete set of an airbrush kit as well as a certain selection of textile paint. Having a wide set of colors can be difficult if your client base is targeting certain designs. Also, unused paints will dry out in time which can be quite a downer.

– Before you make a business out of this, it’s best to be more familiar with handling an airbrush. Having a sloppy work can lead to bad results therefore it’s best to know your craft before setting up in the market.

– Practice makes perfect. Therefore practice your strokes as much as you can. You can try painting on extra fabrics or you can also opt to buy a few meters of a cheap fabric from the nearest textile shop.

– Be an expert on the basics. It’s a necessity to be flawless when it comes to creating the alphabet as well as to symbols. Most individuals would love to have their name painted on their shirts. If you’re doubtful, you can make use of stencils to maintain consistency.

– Cotton shirts are your best friend. It’s best to heat set or steam the shirt prior to painting on it to make sure that the design doesn’t wash out.

– Make sure to have a shirt board or any hard and sturdy piece of material to help prop a shirt while adhering the design. These boards also soak up the paint that manages to bleed through the fabric.

– Make sure to remind your customers not to iron on the printed side to avoid the paint from flaking off.

With these simple steps, you can not only benefit on a nice looking unique shirt but also be able to build a business (if you’re thinking to) out of airbrushing shirts.