Pros and Cons of Injectable Tanning

Tanning is quite the hot topic for the hot season. If you’re one of the few individuals who can’t bear to soak up much of the UV rays, don’t worry, there are other ways to tan. One of the known sunless tanning is the self tanner. Self tanners provide your skin with the necessary chemicals to enable pigmentation. They’re applied similarly to how you apply a lotion but since they are a bronzing agent, application sessions can be quite meticulous.

syringe-417786_1280Another form of sunless tanning that is steadily garnering attention is the injectable tan. Injectable tans have to be injected to your body, preferably along your stomach to ensure that you’re not really hitting any vital points by accident. It’s more efficient compared to the self tanner but while it’s an ideal course of action; injectable tan has downsides.

Injectable tans are a newer adding to the methods of sunless tanning thus there’s little information garnered about them. Since they have to be administered internally, acquiring a syringe and knowing where to inject can be difficult. It’s always best to have someone who is knowledgeable on the medical field spearhead the application to avoid any possible complications.

Additionally, most injectable tans are illegally importing it to various countries; this is a big red flag over here. Due to the internal application and the chemicals encouraging your skin to produce melanin, injectable tans also affect your moles and freckles. The tan causes your freckles and moles to change their appearance; this can be a health hazard since the changes in a mole’s appearance can be cancerous.

One user, who has made use of the injectable tan for over a hundred doses from the Barbie Drug – Melanotan 2, suffers from gangrene-like skin lesions. This is due to individual’s desire to tan thus incorporating the drug to her body more than a hundred times in a short span of 4 months. This is merely four months alone and while the individual can be called a fanatic, this could be you in the long run.

One thing for sure is that dermatologists do not encourage the usage of injectable tans. No one really knows what harm in can do to your body and nobody truly wants to witness the extent of damage it can deal. Thus, if you’re hoping for some sunless tanning, you’ll want to make use of self tanners as an alternative to getting the summer tan out of the sun.

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