Why Women Love Tanning More Than Men Do and How Do they do Self Tanning

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but what happens when that eye belongs to society. Time and time again, society has shaped how beauty is defined. It has change the ideal definition of beauty and at times, the criteria of beauty is a little too high.

couple tanningTanning is one of society’s biggest breakthrough on skin care and it’s easy to understand just why women love it. If you’re a young woman with white skin, there’s only so much color to hide the imperfections and blemishes on your body. At times, this can be quite a difficult task if you’re not too fond of covering yourself up with clothes.

Tanning has changed the way a woman can look at herself. As per James Read, “if you can’t tone it, tan it.” While not all the women hit the gym, getting a lean body with minimal effort is a tedious task. However, if you do tan yourself, you’re saving much of your time off the gym and more time on changing the hue of your skin.

Tans give your body a sculpted look. Self tanners are quite a favorite since you’re able to manipulate how you tan your body. Women tend to choose this option as it is the safer choice of tanning. Tanning beds and soaking up much of the UV rays through sunbathing have been found to cause cancer. With research backing this claim, self-tanners have become a girl’s best friend to getting a tan.

And while there are a lot of negative connotations to getting a tan, be it real or fake, no one can deny the sense of empowerment having a sunbaked color gives. With little color to highlight your imperfections, having a tan gives an individual a sense of perfection. As was mentioned, manipulating your tan is a trend and it gives women the chance to sculpt their bodies without going under the knife.

With the eye of beauty focused so much on women, tans are a great way to erase the imperfections that a woman sees on her reflection. With little room for blemishes and a much defined body, achieved with the aid of a self-tanner, it’s no surprise women love it.

Men may not be so keen on tanning but certain individuals have gone through a fair share of self-tanning. This may also be because of how a tan skin aids in defining your muscles; a concern that body builders look into. With a better looking body and a boost in confidence, tanning is a beloved process to achieving a better take on beauty.

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