How to Nourish Your Skin

With our hurly burly lifestyle, looking our best is quite a difficult task to achieve. Not only do you get so much dirt and grime for the environment around you but even the food you take in can cause a lot of ailments to your skin. Having good skin is a challenging task but if you’re up to it, the rewards are great.

woman putting some creamHere are some steps to get a natural skincare approach without having to spend too much:

  • Eat your greens! The bountiful amounts of antioxidants and the nutrients you get from your vegetables will not only help out on keeping your body in tip top condition but also provide your skin with the support to mend wounds.
  • Get your share of healthy oils, for a fair share of fatty acis olds, such aive oil and vinegar.
  • If you’re craving for some chocolate, a serving of dark chocolate is good for your heart and your skin.
  • Eager to get your share of protein? Fish and chicken are the best sources while yogurt is a great protein-rich dessert. Protein aids your skin gain a smoother complexion.
  • If you’re hoping to rid the wrinkles off your face, eating more on the green and yellow vegetables will help you out. This is due to the carotenoids which lessen the damage that is caused by the sun.
  • Eating Omega 3 rich food such as Salmon will invigorate cell membranes thus aiding in a better distribution of water and nutrients all over your body. This also means a suppler skin.
  • Water is your best friend. Hydration is very important to keep your body and your skin in the best condition possible. If you’re sorely lacking on water, you might notice a certain dryness on your skin.

With these simple steps, you can help make your skin better without having to spend an extra cost. If you’re in for a lifestyle change then changing the food you eat will not only help nurture your skin but also make you healthier.


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