Why Is Moisturizing Your Skin Important

best-tanning-banner_05Our body is consistently under the harsh rays of the sun. From the heat to the heavy dust in the air, our skin is punished by our environment throughout the day. You might not even notice how unwell our skin is due to the busy tug of responsibilities.

Facial beauty - skincareAt times, we even forget to provide our skin with the much needed hydration. This can lead to dry skin which can cause lesions to break out if it gets very dry. Applying lotion or body cream every day is always a good idea but here’s a list why it’s important:

  • Moisturizing your skin can make it more resilient to injury. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to scratch your skin if it’s dry? By adding some lotion onto your arms, you can prevent the chances of earning scratches.
  • A well-hydrated skin can slow down the signs of aging and promote faster repair. A hydrated skin aids your cells in producing a new set of cells easily thus wounds tend to close up faster than the times your skin is dry.
  • Your skin is at its best when it’s hydrated. Lather up some lotion!
  • Massaging lotion onto your skin promotes better blood circulation. Surprisingly, by administering your creams or lotions, it improves the collagen on your skin. A low amount of collagen is the reason why we have wrinkles and saggy skin.
  • A well-hydrated face is the best primer for makeup. If you have dry skin, chances are that your skin texture is uneven. This makes a bad palette for makeup as you can’t distribute the cosmetics evenly.

With these thoughts in mind, surely moisturizing should be an integral part of your day to day routine. Despite what age you may be, using a moisturizer every day is a sure-fire way to getting healthier skin.


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