Tanning Bed Risks You Should be Aware Of


best-tanning-banner_03Time and time again, we’ve always been enamored by the beauty of bronze-colored skin. We’ve come across various lengths just to achieve the color. It’s no surprise that tanning beds are quite a rage with their ability to give you the tanned skin you’ve always wanted.

Yet despite the wondrous color it gives you, tanning beds are more bane than boon to an individual. From recent research, tanning beds have been proven to increase the chances of cancer in women. This is due to the high amount of UV radiation that is used during the tanning process.

woman sunbathing in the solariumDespite the harmful effects of tanning, various individuals could still be hooked to using tanning beds. Surprising as it may be but tanning incorporates your body with the much needed feel-good chemicals thus causing an addiction to the process itself.

Now, you can still enjoy tanned skin without having to go to your local tanning salons. There are actually a lot of self-tanning products available. Self-tanning products are cosmetic items that aid in providing you a tan complexion without the aid of a tanning bed.

But why should you try out using a self-tan product over the usage of a tanning bed or even tanning lamps?

Tanning Beds are a Bane of Existence

Just what was said earlier, having too much UV exposure can surely spell out with cancer. In the long run, your body’s going to experience cellular deterioration due to consistent radiation. No one wants to age prematurely while tanning right?

Self-Tan has added bonuses

Having a hard time with your dry skin? Self-tan products have better chances of helping you sort out your uneven skin texture than tanning beds. In fact, most of the self-tanning items provide your skin with the much needed nourishment that is usually lost when using a tanning bed.

An Even Tan

Despite being a full body tanning machine, the tanning bed can cause an uneven coverage thus causing darker patches over the others. On the other hand, using a self-tan can guarantee that you’re distributing just as much attention from one limb to the other.

With that thought in mind, you should skip out on those weekly tanning bed sessions and try a much simpler approach to tanning with the aid of self-tan products.

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