How To Achieve The Perfect Fake Glow


For an inexperienced self-tanner user, it’s common for them to have errors in applying their fake tan to their skin. It’s not enough that you read the instructions behind the product in order for your tan to be successful. There are many more preparations, not mentioned in the bottle. Especially, if it’s your first time using self-tanner products, you should ask the professionals on when and how to apply them properly. Lucky for you, here are some tips to achieve that perfect fake glow.

  • womanChoose your product wisely especially if you have sensitive skin. There are many fake tanner products out there that will suite your skin in order to avoid any irritations when applying it. You can also choose from a variety of skin tone color depending on the tone that you want.
  • Before applying the purchased product, be sure to get rid of any body hair beforehand. You don’t want to have tan colored body hair so make sure you shave before applying the product.
  • It’s also important that you exfoliate your body regularly in order to get rid of the dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin. This will help prevent having rough and darker skin when applying the self-tanning products. Use a body scrub that suits you and be sure to use the ones that are smooth and gentle to the skin.
  • Make sure to moisturize the some spots of your body like the soles of the feet, palms, knuckles and hands before applying the product to prevent unwanted color to these areas. Also, don’t forget about the darker spots of your body like the elbows and knees in order to avoid them from absorbing too much tan.
  • Finally, once applied to the skin, make sure that you take care of your skin in order for the tan color to prevail longer. Forget first about getting hot showers and baths because this can fade your tan away.

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