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Traveling with Friends: How to Make the Most Out of it


One of the best things in life is traveling, discovering various spots around the world as well as learning about another country’s culture. With this kind of fun, there’s no other person best to enjoy it with than friends.

Friends are some of the people we treasure and akin to siblings which is why traveling is a sure way to enjoy with these set of people. Though there are times that we end up making a trip sour as opposed to making it as memorable as possible.

Three Female Friends On Road Trip In Back Of Convertible CarWhat can we do to make our travels with a bunch of friends as fun and memorable as they can be?

Leave out the Negative stuff

Traveling should be about rest and relaxation. It’s one thing to drop the negative stuff and another to bring it with you during your trip. No one wants a Debbie downer in their midst therefore it’s always good to sort out any concerns before you embark.

Going over the Bare Necessities

You may want to pack in a little extra just in case. While you may be an individual of great fortitude against impulsive buying, it’s still a good idea to bring in extra money or even extra clothes. No one wants to lend some money and end up being short on cash in the trip. This should avoid any disappointment with your friends so try to be self-sufficient as best as you can.

Fun, Fun and more Fun!

It’s a trip with your friends! Bring in the fun and make sure to never miss out on snapping the smiles or candid moments. Whip out your best clothes or even matching ones to make a statement. This is your time to bond with your friends and to rid any burdens off your shoulder.

With these simple tips and a little guidance with your friends, surely any trip can be as fun as the previous one if you’re well prepared and having a good time!

Why Is Moisturizing Your Skin Important

best-tanning-banner_05Our body is consistently under the harsh rays of the sun. From the heat to the heavy dust in the air, our skin is punished by our environment throughout the day. You might not even notice how unwell our skin is due to the busy tug of responsibilities.

Facial beauty - skincareAt times, we even forget to provide our skin with the much needed hydration. This can lead to dry skin which can cause lesions to break out if it gets very dry. Applying lotion or body cream every day is always a good idea but here’s a list why it’s important:

  • Moisturizing your skin can make it more resilient to injury. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to scratch your skin if it’s dry? By adding some lotion onto your arms, you can prevent the chances of earning scratches.
  • A well-hydrated skin can slow down the signs of aging and promote faster repair. A hydrated skin aids your cells in producing a new set of cells easily thus wounds tend to close up faster than the times your skin is dry.
  • Your skin is at its best when it’s hydrated. Lather up some lotion!
  • Massaging lotion onto your skin promotes better blood circulation. Surprisingly, by administering your creams or lotions, it improves the collagen on your skin. A low amount of collagen is the reason why we have wrinkles and saggy skin.
  • A well-hydrated face is the best primer for makeup. If you have dry skin, chances are that your skin texture is uneven. This makes a bad palette for makeup as you can’t distribute the cosmetics evenly.

With these thoughts in mind, surely moisturizing should be an integral part of your day to day routine. Despite what age you may be, using a moisturizer every day is a sure-fire way to getting healthier skin.


How to Prepare for Your Next Beach Trip


There’s no greater place to spend your summer but at the beach. Who can say no to the wondrous experience of bonding with family and friends alike while enjoying the cool waters of the sea? While we can all stay cooped up inside our homes with the air condition turned high, you’d surely miss out on the fun and laughter. You might also be the only one not sporting a nasty sun burn when the season ends.

woman with touch pad on tropical beachBut before we dive into the waters, we’ll have to be pretty particular of the things we’re bringing to the beach. No one wants to have to go back home for something they left right?

  • Bring your sunscreen. No one wants to suffer a terrible ordeal with sunburns thus sunscreen is a dire need for every beach trip.
  • Don’t forget your shades or a hat. We surely don’t want you to squint at the wonderful scenery that a beach can offer.
  • Food and Water. It’s not fun without anything to chow on! Water is really vital for every beach trip as you’re consistently exposed to the sun and the saltwater as causes you to be easily dehydrated.
  • Bringing extra clothes is a definite must if you’re going to be swimming for this trip. No one definitely wants to go home with wet clothes!
  • Last but not the least, your camera! Who wants to miss out on taking great photographs that you’ll surely treasure for a long time.

You can throw in a book or some snacks into the list but it’s always good to leave the electronics at home. It’s a time to be outside and being focused on your gadgets can take out the fun of going with friends.  You’re not limited to the beach to have fun but hey, a gathering with your loved ones is always fun, right?

Tanning Bed Risks You Should be Aware Of


best-tanning-banner_03Time and time again, we’ve always been enamored by the beauty of bronze-colored skin. We’ve come across various lengths just to achieve the color. It’s no surprise that tanning beds are quite a rage with their ability to give you the tanned skin you’ve always wanted.

Yet despite the wondrous color it gives you, tanning beds are more bane than boon to an individual. From recent research, tanning beds have been proven to increase the chances of cancer in women. This is due to the high amount of UV radiation that is used during the tanning process.

woman sunbathing in the solariumDespite the harmful effects of tanning, various individuals could still be hooked to using tanning beds. Surprising as it may be but tanning incorporates your body with the much needed feel-good chemicals thus causing an addiction to the process itself.

Now, you can still enjoy tanned skin without having to go to your local tanning salons. There are actually a lot of self-tanning products available. Self-tanning products are cosmetic items that aid in providing you a tan complexion without the aid of a tanning bed.

But why should you try out using a self-tan product over the usage of a tanning bed or even tanning lamps?

Tanning Beds are a Bane of Existence

Just what was said earlier, having too much UV exposure can surely spell out with cancer. In the long run, your body’s going to experience cellular deterioration due to consistent radiation. No one wants to age prematurely while tanning right?

Self-Tan has added bonuses

Having a hard time with your dry skin? Self-tan products have better chances of helping you sort out your uneven skin texture than tanning beds. In fact, most of the self-tanning items provide your skin with the much needed nourishment that is usually lost when using a tanning bed.

An Even Tan

Despite being a full body tanning machine, the tanning bed can cause an uneven coverage thus causing darker patches over the others. On the other hand, using a self-tan can guarantee that you’re distributing just as much attention from one limb to the other.

With that thought in mind, you should skip out on those weekly tanning bed sessions and try a much simpler approach to tanning with the aid of self-tan products.

How To Achieve The Perfect Fake Glow


For an inexperienced self-tanner user, it’s common for them to have errors in applying their fake tan to their skin. It’s not enough that you read the instructions behind the product in order for your tan to be successful. There are many more preparations, not mentioned in the bottle. Especially, if it’s your first time using self-tanner products, you should ask the professionals on when and how to apply them properly. Lucky for you, here are some tips to achieve that perfect fake glow.

  • womanChoose your product wisely especially if you have sensitive skin. There are many fake tanner products out there that will suite your skin in order to avoid any irritations when applying it. You can also choose from a variety of skin tone color depending on the tone that you want.
  • Before applying the purchased product, be sure to get rid of any body hair beforehand. You don’t want to have tan colored body hair so make sure you shave before applying the product.
  • It’s also important that you exfoliate your body regularly in order to get rid of the dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin. This will help prevent having rough and darker skin when applying the self-tanning products. Use a body scrub that suits you and be sure to use the ones that are smooth and gentle to the skin.
  • Make sure to moisturize the some spots of your body like the soles of the feet, palms, knuckles and hands before applying the product to prevent unwanted color to these areas. Also, don’t forget about the darker spots of your body like the elbows and knees in order to avoid them from absorbing too much tan.
  • Finally, once applied to the skin, make sure that you take care of your skin in order for the tan color to prevail longer. Forget first about getting hot showers and baths because this can fade your tan away.