The Dangers of Pre-Tanning before Sunbathing


It’s almost summer time and people love being outside and going to the beaches under the sun. During these times, people try to get a tan by sunbathing under the sun. The sunshine makes our skin look better but a little too much of it will be dangerous for the skin. A longer period of time under the rays of the sun will cause sunburn that may lead to the development of skin cancer or melanoma.

Pre-tanning does not help!

ItPeaceful couple sunbathing on deck chairs’s true that the process of your skin having a tan is an indication that it is protecting itself from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. So having even a small tan color of your skin means that your skin has undergone damage. Getting a pre-tan before sunbathing is dangerous and if you think that having that brown-colored skin will protect you from the UV rays, you are absolutely wrong. Having a normal dark colored skin will protect itself from the sunlight naturally, but tanned skin does not. It’ll just cause more damage to your skin and you’ll surely develop more sunburns and eventually, skin cancer.

Sunbed tanning is not safer!

Sunbed tanning is as dangerous as sunbathing because both methods allows your body to be exposed to UV rays. It’s better to go straight to the beach and go sunbathing than getting a tan indoors. At least outside in the beach, you can control the time of exposure you have under the sun. Inside these sunbeds, you are exposed to the UV light for a period of time and this will cause damage to your skin cells. To make things worse, it’s not advisable to let yourself be exposed to the sun when you got your tan indoors because you’ll be prone to more skin damage as your skin will not have time to heal.

To make things short, if you plan to get a tan, do it naturally and carefully under the sun. But be careful because our skin is helpless if you exposed it too much to UV light. Having all of that said, getting a pre-tan before sunbathing will not solve anything and it will make things worse.

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