How to Look Good at the Beach


Its summer vacation again and you can’t take off your mind the excitement of going to the beach. Whether you’re going just to have fun or to flaunt some skin, here are some tips to help make your summer vacation a memorable one.

Pre-vacation Preparation

Nothing is more important than to plan ahead.

  • Plan your budget. You don’t want to be running out of cash once you are there.
  • If you are the sporty type, you might want to throw-in some more runs to the gym a few weeks before to tone your body.
  • Whether using natural or any of those commercial body scrubs, make sure to shed all those old skin cells before going to the beach so you would look fresh and radiant.
  • Choose your swimwear. Wear something that looks good and sexy to you and at the same time comfortable. Remember, while you can wear anything that you want, you don’t want to be the laughing stock of the beach. People will see you and you want to look hot.
  • Unless it’s the latest beach trend, there is nothing more un-sexier than to have hairy legs and armpits. Visit your favorite salon to have a shave or wax.

Enjoying the Sun

A blond girl in a bathing suitNever forget to apply sunscreen and moisturizing creams. This is very important because not only it will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, it will keep your skin radiant and glowing. You can also apply self-tanners to even out those tan lines.

Re-hydrate every now and then especially if you are involved in many beach activities i.e. beach volleyball. Drink plenty of water and eat fruits that are high in water content.

Wash out all the salt from your hair at the end of the day. Use heavy conditioners and moisturizing shampoo to make your hair look gorgeous as too much exposure to the sun makes your hair dry and fizzle.

And lastly, enjoy your time and have fun at the beach.

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