Skin Cancer Facts

Skin Cancer

By the name itself, skin cancer is a cancerous malignant growth of the skin. The cancer starts be forming cells that lingers in your skin cells and then evolve into dangerous cells that would later on kill the normal cells of the skin. Although having to consider this as a cancer, it is unlike the other cancers that would spread throughout your body and eventually kill the human body. The two major types of skin cancer is the basal cell carcinoma and the squamous cell carcinoma. There is another type which is the Melanoma but its cases are very rare but is more life-threatening than the other two types.

Ultraviolet Radiation

Woman suffering from a headache grimacing and holding her handsSome of the cases of skin cancer are hard to find out what causes them and where it came from. But in most cases, the skin cancer occurs with too much exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The International Agency for Research on Cancer also concluded that UVR is in their list of the most dangerous cancer-causes substances. Ultraviolet radiation (UVR) is encountered in tanning salons and of course, solar UV radiation.  The most common source of this is by tanning unnaturally. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, there are more than 419,000 cases of skin cancer in the US alone that was caused by indoor tanning resulting in 245,000 cases of basal cell carcinomas, 168,000 squamous cell carcinomas, and 6,200 melanomas. This is very alarming considering the fact that there are still many people that go to tanning salons. More than a million Americans do this on an average day.

Treatments for skin cancer

Once again skin cancer is most of the time not life-threatening and it can be cured by undergoing treatments and therapy. There are many ways to cure a skin cancer, it also depends in the location and size of the tumor as well as the characteristics of the cancer whether what type it is and of course the health of the patient is to be considered also. These are some of the treatments that can cure a skin cancer:

  • Tropical medication (using creams, gels, and other solutions)
  • Electrodessication and curettage (destroying the cells via electric needle)
  • Surgical excision (removing tumors surgically)
  • Mohs micrographic surgery (removing the microscopic tumors)
  • Radiation therapy (giving high dose of radiation to the tumor)
  • Cyrosurgery (cancerous tissue destroyed by freezing)

These are some of the ways one can treat and cure a skin cancer. But all of them are very expensive like most cancer treatments. It is said by the Skin Cancer Foundation that the annual cost of undergoing these skin cancer treatments by the patients in the US is estimated at $8.1 billion. Cases of skin cancer is increasing and it is important that people know how to avoid having skin cancer.

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