Types of Beach Tents to Choose From

Type of Beach Tent to choose from

A lot of people enjoy the thrill of the great outdoors. Whether its hiking up mountains, prowling through forests, or just kicking it back at the beach, tents have been a mainstay for these activities.

In specific, beach tents have been becoming a hot item in the market nowadays. Not only is it useful in the beach, it can also be used in a lot of other activities, such as camping, picnics, and cookouts.

Gulf of Mexico along the Emerald Coast with Beach Tent

Here are beach tent types to help you choose your next tent:


  1. Folding Beach Tents

Folding beach tents are one of the most convenient beach tents to pack on your beach trip. It’s lightweight, compact, and easy to set up. Folding beach tents take as quick as three to five minutes to set up, and can be packed up for as short as that time as well. These tents are designed to be carried and assembled by even a single person, so solo travellers or an adult with a kid can set this type of beach tent quite easily.

These folding beach tents also boast Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) that are far beyond other types of beach tents. The UPF is a measurement of how effective a beach tent is in protecting from the UV rays of the sun. The higher this figure is, the better. Folding beach tents usually have 50+ UPF protection, while standard beach tents only provide 15.

The best part about folding beach tents are it is extremely intuitive to set up. Assembly requires minimal fumbling around with screws and pegs. The folding beach tent will unfold itself with just little assistance.

  1. Pole Tents

Pole tents range from sizes that are good for only two people, or to tents that can host a huge family. With that said, beach pole tents are very much like their hiking tent counterparts that require quite some effort and time into assembling. Poles, nails, and other pegs are required to assemble pole tents.  Usually, pole tents require more than one person to be set up. This is best use for setting up larger parties. However, these types of tents are usually a bit more fragile, and can be prone to sand seeping in.

  1. Baby Beach Tents

If parents plan on taking their babies to the beach, baby beach tents are usually considered. Baby beach tents are small and lightweight tents that shade babies and kids from the sun. These tents are usually smaller, so they can only fit in the kid or a baby. These tents are made to cater to sensitive baby skin.

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