Healing Benefits of the Sun

Most of us always think the negative side effect of the sun. But don’t you know that the right amount of sunlight at the right time is healthy not only for your skin but for your overall wellness?

Saying hello / goodbye to the Sun.

Here are some proven benefits of sunlight:

  1. Sunlight can cure breast cancer.

Dr. Zane Kime, an American physician used sunbathing as one of his techniques to cure his patients. With this process combined by proper nutrition, Dr. Kime was able to completely reversed even terminal case of cancer.

  1. Sunlight can lower cholesterol.

Forget about working out early in the morning. The fact that the sun is shining upon you, your heart is thanking you a lot. The sun converts high cholesterol in your blood into steroid hormones and sex hormones needed for reproduction.

  1. Sunlight cleanses the blood and blood vessels.

Once sunlight penetrates deep down your skin, it cleans the blood and blood vessels. A published European medical literature showed some proofs about improving the conditions of people with atherosclerosis.

  1. It kills bad bacteria.

As we know it, heat can disinfect bacteria. This technology has been around even during World War I. Niels Finsen won the 1903 Nobel Prize by using sunlight to disinfect and heal wounds.

  1. The rays of the sun lower blood pressure.

CoQ10 is very essential for cellular and heart energy and sunshine can supply it to you for free. Individuals with high blood pressure need more sunshine to lower their blood pressure without taking the usual prescribed medicine such as Statins.

  1. Sunlight cures depression.

Watching sunrise or sunset is very relaxing. As someone stare through the vastness of the sky, one tend to relax and begin to think clearly. The view of sunlight can inspire someone who is already depressed.

  1. Sunlight enhances the immune system.

Lymphocytes are white blood cells that increase through sun exposure. Getting enough sunlight everyday can improve your immune system.

Important: While we have cited a lot of benefits from the sun, don’t forget that sun exposure must be done before 10 in the morning. Ideal time is 6-7AM. The moment you feel the prickly heat and discomfort, it means that is more harmful than good.

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