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How to Avoid Self-Tanning Stains


Applying fake tan on your body is a great way to give yourself that attractive glow. This will make you feel good about yourself and will give you confidence. Aside from exfoliation and practices to get the perfect tan, knowing how to keep your tan from staining your clothing or bedding can be helpful.

Here are common causes of stains and tips on avoiding them.

Tight and Light Clothing 

Tight clothing tends to rub off tan from your skin and can lead to stains. You can prevent this from happening by wearing loose, dark clothing.

Too Much Exposure to Water 

Refrain from engaging in activities that will get you in contact with water for 2 to 3 hours. This could anything from washing your hands, swimming, or hanging out in the sauna. When going out, make sure that you are prepared in case of rain.

Light-Colored Bed sheets 

Applying spray tan before you sleep is the best time to do so. Your body gets warmer during the evening and will make it easier for your skin to absorb the tan solution into your skin. To keep your bed from catching stains from your tanned skin, then replace your bed sheet with old sheet and avoid satin. You should also wear dark-colored and loose pajamas to keep your tan from rubbing off your skin. If your sheet caught stains, then washing it using a mild detergent should do the trick.

Dressing Before Taking a Shower 

towelAlways take a shower first after using your fake tan. This will ensure that no tan residue is left on your skin that can stain clothing you will wear during the day. This will also give you the natural glow you are looking for.

Instant Self-Tanners 

Refrain from using instant self-tanners because they often cause stains. It is still best to go for gradual tanning. The trick here is to plan your tanning ahead of time. By doing so, this will keep you from getting caught-off guard and will give you ample time to get tanned.


While tan residue will be washed off from your body after a shower, it is still best to use a dark-colored towel. This will keep your light-colored towels from getting stained. In addition, rather than wiping your whole body in a sweeping motion, it is better to pat your body.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can keep the beauty of your tanned skin intact. At the same time, this will keep your clothing and other belongings from catching tan solution.

Types of Beach Tents to Choose From

Type of Beach Tent to choose from

A lot of people enjoy the thrill of the great outdoors. Whether its hiking up mountains, prowling through forests, or just kicking it back at the beach, tents have been a mainstay for these activities.

In specific, beach tents have been becoming a hot item in the market nowadays. Not only is it useful in the beach, it can also be used in a lot of other activities, such as camping, picnics, and cookouts.

Gulf of Mexico along the Emerald Coast with Beach Tent

Here are beach tent types to help you choose your next tent:


  1. Folding Beach Tents

Folding beach tents are one of the most convenient beach tents to pack on your beach trip. It’s lightweight, compact, and easy to set up. Folding beach tents take as quick as three to five minutes to set up, and can be packed up for as short as that time as well. These tents are designed to be carried and assembled by even a single person, so solo travellers or an adult with a kid can set this type of beach tent quite easily.

These folding beach tents also boast Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) that are far beyond other types of beach tents. The UPF is a measurement of how effective a beach tent is in protecting from the UV rays of the sun. The higher this figure is, the better. Folding beach tents usually have 50+ UPF protection, while standard beach tents only provide 15.

The best part about folding beach tents are it is extremely intuitive to set up. Assembly requires minimal fumbling around with screws and pegs. The folding beach tent will unfold itself with just little assistance.

  1. Pole Tents

Pole tents range from sizes that are good for only two people, or to tents that can host a huge family. With that said, beach pole tents are very much like their hiking tent counterparts that require quite some effort and time into assembling. Poles, nails, and other pegs are required to assemble pole tents.  Usually, pole tents require more than one person to be set up. This is best use for setting up larger parties. However, these types of tents are usually a bit more fragile, and can be prone to sand seeping in.

  1. Baby Beach Tents

If parents plan on taking their babies to the beach, baby beach tents are usually considered. Baby beach tents are small and lightweight tents that shade babies and kids from the sun. These tents are usually smaller, so they can only fit in the kid or a baby. These tents are made to cater to sensitive baby skin.

Healing Benefits of the Sun

Most of us always think the negative side effect of the sun. But don’t you know that the right amount of sunlight at the right time is healthy not only for your skin but for your overall wellness?

Saying hello / goodbye to the Sun.

Here are some proven benefits of sunlight:

  1. Sunlight can cure breast cancer.

Dr. Zane Kime, an American physician used sunbathing as one of his techniques to cure his patients. With this process combined by proper nutrition, Dr. Kime was able to completely reversed even terminal case of cancer.

  1. Sunlight can lower cholesterol.

Forget about working out early in the morning. The fact that the sun is shining upon you, your heart is thanking you a lot. The sun converts high cholesterol in your blood into steroid hormones and sex hormones needed for reproduction.

  1. Sunlight cleanses the blood and blood vessels.

Once sunlight penetrates deep down your skin, it cleans the blood and blood vessels. A published European medical literature showed some proofs about improving the conditions of people with atherosclerosis.

  1. It kills bad bacteria.

As we know it, heat can disinfect bacteria. This technology has been around even during World War I. Niels Finsen won the 1903 Nobel Prize by using sunlight to disinfect and heal wounds.

  1. The rays of the sun lower blood pressure.

CoQ10 is very essential for cellular and heart energy and sunshine can supply it to you for free. Individuals with high blood pressure need more sunshine to lower their blood pressure without taking the usual prescribed medicine such as Statins.

  1. Sunlight cures depression.

Watching sunrise or sunset is very relaxing. As someone stare through the vastness of the sky, one tend to relax and begin to think clearly. The view of sunlight can inspire someone who is already depressed.

  1. Sunlight enhances the immune system.

Lymphocytes are white blood cells that increase through sun exposure. Getting enough sunlight everyday can improve your immune system.

Important: While we have cited a lot of benefits from the sun, don’t forget that sun exposure must be done before 10 in the morning. Ideal time is 6-7AM. The moment you feel the prickly heat and discomfort, it means that is more harmful than good.

Best Places for Sunbathing

Best Places for Sunbathing

If you have plans to flaunt your tan while sunbathing, you can never go wrong with the following locations:

The Beach 

beautiful girls on the beachThe second floor of the Dream Downtown Hotel located in Chelsea is a place where you can enjoy sunbathing. This place comes with a five thousand square-foot heated pool that allows swimmers to look at guests arriving from below. You can spend the whole day lying on Cote D’Azur-inspired chaise lounges. You can also get some nice cocktail from one of the private cabanas or enjoy the beautiful sand. You can also get sunscreen from attendants for a price.

Hudson Park River 

This is the longest waterfront park in the United States having five hundred fifty acres, which is about five miles. This place has enough space for you to enjoy sunbathing and flaunting your tanned skin. This also comes with playgrounds, benches, memorials, and other great features. Find a good spot and enjoy the day or engage in a fun activity.

Russian and Turkish Baths 

This place offers full use of the outdoor sundeck as part of its entry fee. Their sundeck comes with sauna and padded chairs where you can lay down and enjoy sunbathing. You can choose from either the redwood sauna or Russian sauna where 20,000 pounds of hot rocks lie underneath. You can also enjoy an ice-cold pool if you want something that will cool you down.  Make sure that you check with them first to see if they are admitting only men or women.

Central Park

You can find New Yorkers biking or jogging in Central Park daily. You can use this place to sunbathe. Just find a good spot and you are good to go. You have the choice of mingling with the crowds in the Sheep Meadow where sheep graze and wander around. Once you finish soaking some sunlight, you can watch a baseball or softball game. You can also take a stroll on one of the many bridges of Central Park.

Brooklyn Bridge Park 

If you are looking for a place with a great view, then there is the Brooklyn Bridge. You can enjoy sunbathing here while looking at the beautiful landscape of Lower Manhattan. You can also cool down a bit at the Pop-Up Pool at Pier 2, which is nearby. You can also enjoy some cool drinks by visiting one of the stands that sell fruit juices or snacks. Try going here on Sundays where you can be sure to see more than 75 vendors available.

If you do not feel like going to the beach to flaunt your tan or to get tanned, then try one of these places.