4 Quick Steps to A Successful Sun Tanning

4 Quick Steps to A Successful Sun Tanning

A great way to make yourself feel good is by tanning. Many admire people who have tanned skin. They find it exotic and sexy.

Here are four easy steps to get tanned skin by sun bathing.

Get a Natural Sun Tan

Girl in bikini sunbathing at the beach

By applying a lotion or oil with low SPF on your skin, you can tan your skin fast. Make sure that these products can also offer your skin protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Choose from an array of sun tan products such as rub-on lotion, aerosol sprays, and oil rubs, all of which contain SPF. Choose a product that has an SPF value of four to fifteen. You should also consider the strenght of the tan as well as your skin tone. If this is your first time, choose SPF 15 to prevent sunburn.

If you are looking for an even tan, go for spray or oil. The watery texture of these products allow you to spread these on your skin smoothly. Make sure to rub in sprays with your hands after using spray. If you want to use top brands, you can go for Hawaiian Tropics, Australian Gold, and Maui Babe. You can find these at your local drug or beauty supply store. Apart from these, make sure to wear lip balm to protect your lips from drying.

Apply Natural Oil on Skin With a Good Base Tan

If you have a good base tan, you can apply natural oil that will give you an olive glow. Make sure to apply these before sunbathing and wash it off using soap and water when you finish tanning. You can also go for a more natural sunblock. Some natural products you can consider are:

Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Hazelnut Oil

Avocado Oil

Sunflower Oil

Turn Your Body Over Every Now and Then

You can get an even tan fast by turning your body over a lot. By turning over every half an hour, you can achieve an even tan fast. Start with your back, then turn to your left side, then stomach, then your right side. You should also be careful with where your arms and legs are to avoid uneven tan lines.

Face the Sun

Always make sure that you are facing the sun. You can also engage yourself in activities if you are uncomfortable laying down all day. Make sure to wear little clothing to ensure that the sun hits your skin.

There are many ways to get that tanned look. Stay tuned for more tips!


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